Kristin Frazer On Trèfle And Summer Trends @trefleswimwear


Kristin Frazerwas born and raised on the beautiful island of Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Kristin Frazer has gained years of experience in the use of fabrics and textures through her studies at the International Academy of Design & Technology where she received her Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Fashion Design & Marketing and interning at Carolina Herrera and BCBG Max Azria in New York City.

Through her love of travel and exploring new places she has discovered the exciting, entertaining and inspiring beauty of other cultures. The assimilation of those sights and sounds prompted her to develop Trèfle, a timeless and elegant line of women’s swimwear with a futuristic vision. With the sultry sunsets as her backdrop and her Caribbean lifestyle as her inspiration, Kristin creates each piece by combining eclecticism, romance, luxury and practicality.

Premier Guide Miami talked with Kristin about her line, new collection, and summer trends.

PGM: How long have you been designing?
Kristin Frazer: I’ve been a designer for almost three years now. 

PGM: You recently showed your collection at the Miami International Fashion Week, what was the theme for your collection?
Kristin Frazer: This collection was inspired from Mother Africa. From the soil to the gold to the African choirs and beautiful animals like zebras. This combination along with bold colour blocking created a collection of richness and luxury. This is the name of my collection; Signature::L.U.X. 

PGM: How did you learn about Miami Fashion Week?

Kristin Frazer: I first heard about the show through a good friend of mine called Karen DeFraitas who actually showcased her designs under her label ‘Soka’ in March 2009. I went to the show in support and saw what would potentially give my company more exposure and credibility as a new brand. I applied in November 2009 and was excited when I found that I would be showing this year at Fashion Week.

PGM: What inspired you to put together this collection, and the name Trèfle?

Kristin Frazer: As a black woman and a British Virgin Islands native, I’m proud to know that my history goes further than my Caribbean roots and Africa is a place of rich history, culture, fashion and art and I wanted to symbolize that through my designs. I wanted a fresh new outlook on many things in life and this was the main avenue in which the designs were  created.
The name Trèfle is actually French and it means “clover” which is a significant name as it represents my late grandmother Ruth Clover Anthony who I credit highly for her passion, dedication, style and favor because she’s done a lot for me and for many people in my community. I had to continue her work and by starting my own company in her name, it will always hold a place in my heart for her as I build on a brand and product that I believe in. We also own and operate our family’s store called Clover’s in which we sell sewing accessories, fabric, shoes, home furnishings and much more. To be creative is in my genes and I embrace it with style.

PGM: Has your experience and internship with Carolina Herrera + BCBG Max Azria influenced your designs? If yes, how?
Kristin Frazer: Definitely. Both internships were great and both companies have two completely different design aesthetics. I gained much experience from both but since Carolina Herrera was my design internship, I spent most of my time with the designers there and learned much more than I would in that year. I’m a simple person but will do simple things with major effect and that’s how I see the designs of Carolina Herrera. The quality and creativity in each garment is always carefully analyzed and is finished with detail that’s beyond fashion. it becomes art and I love that. I use my experiences both in those internships and in life and express myself through my designs. 

PGM: What is your favorite piece from the collection?

Kristin Frazer: I love all my designs but if I must choose, I will say that the ‘rays of sun’ black zebra print and green swimsuit is a beautiful piece that hugs the body in all the right places and it tells you that it’s just not another one-piece, its art.

PGM: It’s now spring break; summer is just around the corner. What is your best pick for summer beach bod?
Kristin Frazer: To own a bikini is always a good thing but to fit yourself in a one-piece with style is another thing. My pick would be a one-piece!

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