Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority Offers Film Incentive Grant Program to Support the Film and Cinema Community

Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority offers Film Incentive Grant Program to support the film and cinema community and showcase Miami Beach as an advantageous location.

Miami Beach, recently honored as the “World’s Leading Lifestyle Destination” by the World Travel Awards, is positioning itself as a desirable hub for the film and TV industry seeking fresh and captivating locations. The Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority (MBVCA) has introduced The Film Incentive Grant Program, designed to entice and facilitate film production activities within the city. With its iconic coastlines, historic art deco architecture, and acclaimed dining scene featuring Michelin-starred restaurants, Miami Beach offers a visually rich and culturally diverse backdrop for various productions.

Peggy Benua, Chairwoman of the MBVCA, highlights the city’s long-standing legacy of accommodating production teams with an array of filming locations and amenities to enhance storytelling and audience engagement. The Film Incentive Grant Program aims not only to financially support production houses but also to boost hotel revenue by incentivizing stays in Miami Beach accommodations during filming periods.

Through the Film Incentive Grant Program, eligible projects can receive up to $50,000 or one-fourth of their production costs, aiding in cost management and location scouting endeavors. Miami Beach’s appeal as a filming destination is underscored by its past contributions to notable TV series like Ballers and Dexter, as well as classic films such as Miami Vice and Scarface, which have left an indelible mark on the city’s cinematic history.

Grisette Marcos, Executive Director of the MBVCA, emphasizes the accessibility of Miami Beach for production scouts, who can leverage tools like the EXP Miami Beach Tours App to discover unique filming locations and tailor-made itineraries. From the vibrant architecture of Ocean Drive to the panoramic views at South Pointe Park, Miami Beach offers a tapestry of settings that cater to diverse filming needs, ensuring a seamless production experience for film crews and talent alike.

With its dynamic blend of landscapes and attractions, Miami Beach stands out as a versatile filming location that promises both visual allure and practicality for production teams looking to maximize resources and creativity. The Film Incentive Grant Program underscores the city’s commitment to nurturing a thriving film and cinema community while showcasing the city’s cinematic potential on a global stage.

The full list of applicable projects and exclusions can be found here.

For full details, deadlines and grant award timelines, please click here.

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