Your Essential Travel Companion for a Healthy New Year

Introducing Staying Healthy When You Travel, Avoiding Bugs, Bites, Bellyaches, and More by Dr. Jane Wilson-Howarth. This new edition is the ultimate guide to maintaining wellness on the go. Released just in time for the new year, this book equips travelers with expert advice, practical tips, and actionable strategies for a healthy and fulfilling journey. From immune-boosting nutrition to savvy packing techniques, it’s a must-have companion for every adventurer.


Dr. Wilson-Howart can discuss:

  • What medicines to take and immunizations to have (or not)
  • How to treat illnesses and avoid common diseases
  • What to do if you fall sick, are injured, or experience an emergency
  • Precautions to take when traveling while pregnant, with kids, or with chronic conditions
  • International travel and safety tips


Dr. Jane Wilson-Howarth is a medical doctor with expertise in zoology and parasite biology. She has worked for more than 15 years on child survival and also health and hygiene promotion in Madagascar, Peru, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Nepal, as well as with Syrian refugees in Greece. She was also medical director of a travel immunization clinic for 11 years and served as a general practitioner (family physician) in Cambridgeshire for 15 years. Most recently she has been mentoring paramedics in remote Himalayan villages as well as COVID-vaccinating in East Anglia. Jane wrote the first edition of her comprehensive travel health guide, Bugs, Bites & Bowels, while living without electricity on an island in the largest tributary of the Ganges and since the book was first launched, it has sold tens of thousands of copies. Staying Healthy When You Travel is the sixth edition of this successful and popular text. Jane has written eight other books, which are detailed on her author website Wilson-Howarth.

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