Eat your Art Out!

2girlsHave your Cupcake and Eat it Too!!!
Presented by 2 Girls and a Cupcake  in partnership with Westland High School Students Benefiting  Cupcakes for Cancer

Miami Beach has been the playground for Art Basel, but this year the kids are running to Downtown Miami to enjoy a sweet bite from 2 Girls and a Cupcake. 2 Girls and a Cupcake host Eat your Art Out, an exhibit created by artistic high school students and local artist adding a tasty and colorful flavor to Art Basel benefiting Cupcakes for Cancer. . Eat Your Art Out will take place on Saturday Dec 5, 2009 from 7 to 9 pm at the 2 Girls and a Cupcake store located at 140 SE 1 Ave in Downtown Miami. Admission is free.

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with future award winning artist and appreciate delicious pieces featuring creative installations of colorful cupcakes (please don’t drool on the art). Cupcake connoisseurs can chug on milk shot and devour the Limited Edition mini cupcakes that will only be available for purchase that night. The Limited Edition Art Basel cupcake is inspired by the vibrant city of Miami and the artistic energy of  Art Basel. Do not leave without making a mark on the 2GC Hall of Frost by painting your very own cupcake on the wall, it can be realistic, black and white, sketched or even doodle. Let your imagination run wild as you portray the idea of your perfect cupcake and reconnect with your inner kid.

P.S. “Children making a “Sweet” difference one crumb at a time”.
Is 13 year old Blakely’s motto, as she inspires a community wit her personally designed fundraiser “Cupcakes for Cancer“. Her vision began with the desire to help fellow eighth grader battle leukemia. Blakely and her cupcake crew sold homemade cupcakes for $1 after school and at local events. Not only did they raise $5,000 in six weeks, during the onset of her endeavor, but she succeeded in infecting her hometown with Cupcake Fever! This real life cupcake angel invites YOU to join her “cupcake crew: nation wide to make YOUR “sweet” difference on delicious crumb at a time! The Icing on the cupcake? Miss Blake is a chemo survivor herself.

P.S. Home of the Oye Como Va Cupcake
Confessions of a  Cupcake-a-holic 140 SE 1. Ave. Miami, Fl. 33131

Self described “cupcake junkies” following their passion and entrepreneurial instinct to create, what they consider to be the perfect cupcake. Their inspiration to create delicious cupcakes was none other than the city they live in, Miami. Through colorful colors and amusing name they aim to celebrate the inner kid in everyone. It’s not nice to keep secrets, so they are revealing 2 Girls and a Cupcake to the world. Since February 14, 2008 their delights have been the centerpieces of birthdays, fashion shows, and charity functions. Wondering how they came up with our tasty mix? It wasn’t a hand me down from grandma or a cookbook recipe, it was trial and error baking sessions that ultimately yielded the flavorlicious concoction. Two best friends just baking their way through the American dream with flavors such as Oye Como Va and Coconut Grove representing South Florida and its invigorating “sabor”.

“The best part of making cupcakes, besides the leftover frosting, is the reactions from our clients. We bake night and day listening to music, yes we bake while you sleep. We sift, whisk, chop and mix from scratch”.

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Bon Cup-a-Cupcake!

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