Desperate Landscapes Interview with Jason Cameron

Jason Cameron
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By: Judith Wallace

Handyman Jason Cameron is back at it again beautifying landscapes and creating sanctuaries for men. Hosting Desperate Landscapes and Man Caves on the DIY Network, Jason helps homeowners transform their dreaded landscapes and creates a escapes for men in their own homes. Premier Guide Media’s Judith Wallace recently caught up with him to discuss his love for working with his hands, tips on keeping a great landscape, man caves among other things.

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You have many titles contractor, actor, personal trainer among other things. Which one do you enjoy doing the most?

Jason Cameron: Oh boy all of the above. I am an old school type of guy. I like working with my hands so that’s really what I enjoy doing the most. Whether it is doing Desperate Landscapes which we are currently filming now or Man Caves. So I love working with my hands. Finish carpentry is my passion but landscaping is up there as well.

What are some of the things that you consider when choosing someone for a landscape make over?

Jason Cameron: Well, there are lots of things that go into that. First and foremost it depends on how desperate the landscape is and how much in need the homeowners are. It is also about the neighbors and how disgusted they are with the landscapes. Because really it is not only homeowners that we are helping we are improving the neighborhood as well. It also depends on the personality of the homeowners as well because at the end of the day this is entertainment. Even though we are a network where we try to impart information to our viewers so that they can do things themselves, it is entertainment too and you want people to be engaging. So it’s a combination of how engaging the homeowners are and how desperate their landscape is.

Have you ever taken on a project and when you get there you are like “oh boy what have I gotten myself into”?

Jason Cameron: Oh, many times. There are times that we show up to take on a project and I was like “wow” and I was ready to get back in the truck. This is only because it seemed like it was going to be too much to do because we really do it in eight hours. There is no coming back the next day, we are done in one day. They have all been challenging in their own way but the great thing is that we have never failed to finish one. So yes it can be rough but we always get it done.

Tell us about Man caves?

Jason Cameron: Man Cave is really a show that focuses on the guy, what he is all about, what he wants for his own space. The guys are typically married and it is a way for them to have their own space in the house. Their wives are usually fine with it as long as they are not taking up too much space and they have their own little corner in the basement. Usually the things I hear from the wives are “where is my space?” My response to that is the house is your space. I am married and I love my wife but when it comes to decorating the house she usually has the final say in what’s done. So it’s that space that the guy can have that really showcases his personality. If he is a sports junkie its all about sports. If he is a cigar smoker its all about cigar smoking. If he is into wine drinking then it’s a wine room. He may just want a space to display his trophies or his deer head where his wife wont let him put anywhere else in the house. So it really focuses on what he want it is all about giving the guy his sanctuary and that is a fun thing for me to do as well.

Do you have a Man Cave?

Jason Cameron: No, this is the tragedy in all this is– that I have done over one hundred man caves now and I don’t have one of my own yet. That’s the real tragedy here.

That’s a bummer…

Jason Cameron: At least now I know exactly what I want. Me and my wife currently live in a 1000 sq ft condo, so I don’t have room for one yet but when I do get a house I know exactly what I want.

What would your ideal man cave be ?

Jason Cameron: For me I am a cigar guy so it would be a combination of cigar and wine room, so it would be something like an old world kind of cigar lounge. I am also a trainer so I would incorporate a gym next to it too (that’s kinda outside the cave). But the main man cave would be like an old world old school cigar cave.

What is your favorite man cave that you have done?

Jason Cameron: My favorite man cave was the USO man cave that we did in Quate Camp Virgina. I am a huge supporter of the troops. So for me it was very rewarding because I was able to give back to the troops who have given so much to us.


What are some helpful tips to keeping a well kept Landscape?

Jason Cameron: The main thing I try to impart is to keep it simple. Look at your landscape as if you are looking at it for the first time. Think about how you can make an impact and still be economical. This might be as simple as applying a coat of paint on the porch, deck or the house which is simple enough for anyone to do. Also think about how you can add some colors which might be adding some evergreen close to the house and then adding different flowers away from the house (layering). Also check your local nursery to find out what they recommend for low maintenance. So keeping it simple and watching desperate landscape for simple tips are the keys in my opinion to having a well kept landscape.

What are you looking forward to the most on your vacation?

Jason Cameron: Well for me its just spending time on the beach. That is what I am looking forward to, a week on the beach. I haven’t had a vacation in a while so it will be nice.

Off on vacation now….?

Jason Cameron: There you go exactly right.

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