Introducing South Beach Lean – Clean Cuisine with International Flair

unnamed-24South Beach Lean has come to Alton Road – and active Miami Beach locals and tourists are eager to taste what this particular restaurant has in store. Perfect for the Magic City’s fitness culture, South Beach Lean has created a menu of good, clean, real food. Powered by mindfulness, guests won’t even find a deep fryer onsite.  South Beach Lean presents big flavors with zero guilt in an ideal setting for quick and casual or long and leisurely.


Hugo Ramirez, who came from a legal background, changed career paths when he met his wife, Oksana. Born in Russia and raised in Lithuania, Oksana lead a successful fifteen-year career as a model, spokesmodel, and performer all over the world before settling down to bring us her passion for healthy food.  Having worked for ten years in Greece performing with DJ greats like Cazzette and Afrojack, Oksana knows what it takes to stay lean – and her menu is highly influenced by the healthy cuisine of Greek Gods.  South Beach Lean fuses mindful eating with an international flair.  The menu spans the world with a bold and diverse range of salads, vegetarian options, sushi, steaks, whole fish and more that offer a little something for everyone. Backed by a powerhouse kitchen team of talent from some of the top restaurants in Miami – Zuma, Barton G, Morimoto, and Baoli – every dish is as flavorful and visually pleasing as it is lean.


Open for lunch everyday at 11 a.m., the lunch menu is packed with tasty wraps, salads and sushi. In addition to the a la carte menu, guests of South Beach Lean can choose from two prix fixe lunch options. The first is a $15 menu with an Edamame or Miso Soup appetizer, the guests’ choice of 1½ select Sushi Rolls or four Grilled Shrimp Taquitos, and Mochi or Macaroons for dessert.  For $19, they can indulge in Shrimp or Beef Gyoza appetizers or Lentil Soup, followed by one of two entrées: Grilled Salmon with Bok choi and quinoa; Chicken Breast with Brussels sprouts, asparagus and mashed potatoes; or Skirt Steak with avocado, cucumber, quinoa, tomato, sprouts and a lemon Greek yogurt sauce. For dessert, this same menu includes a choice of Mochi or Macaroons for dessert. A la carte options include healthy favorites like the Body Builder Salad with spinach, arugula, kale, tomato, quail egg, red pepper, carrot, avocado, sprouts, and toasted pumpkin seeds; or the Chicken Breast and Grilled Corn Wrap with brown rice, spinach, fresh corn salsa, avocado, and a yogurt-based lime cilantro crema.


For dinner, turn to the grill. The Grilled Salmon with Coconut Milk Quinoa Risotto, which is served with sautéed Bok choi and mushrooms, is the perfect creamy umami bite. Other grilled items – like the Skirt Steak with Kale Chimichurri, served with roasted peppers and fingerling potatoes; the Lemongrass Grilled Octopus with quinoa, Poblano sauce, and micro greens; and the Panchelo Branzino grilled whole with lemon and a perfect blend of herbs and aromatics – won’t disappoint. Want something lighter? The sushi chef has a menu of specialty rolls and plates like Spicy Tuna Taquitos with spicy “mayo” made from Greek yogurt, or the Ocean Threesome Roll, which is filled with salmon, tuna, Hamachi, scallions and togarashi, and topped with avocado, shiso leaves, daikon radish, Japanese dressing, masago, rice pearls, sesame seeds, chili oil and micro greens. The namesake Oksana Roll, named for South Beach Lean’s owner,is a favorite for a reason. It’s stuffed with snow crab, wasabi aioli, smoked salmon, avocado, yuzu and Tobiko, wrapped in Pink Soy Paper, and topped with tuna tartare, micro greens, sesame seeds, a spicy warm oil drizzle, rice pearls and gold flakes.


And like the food, the restaurant space is equally impressive. When you walk into the restaurant, you’re instantly transported by the futuristic modernity of the design. Sleek and sexy, the gleaming white walls are framed by a gentle neon glow, drawing your eyes to the pristine white tables that fill the center of the dining room. Look a little closer, and you’ll find that it’s more than your average four-top. Each table is your portal to an immersive and interactive menu experience, where a simple tap on the glass turns your tabletop into a fully functional tablet. The result is not just a menu; it’s a menu with the complete ingredients list, the nutritional value, and an option for you to order it right there on the screen. Because at South Beach Lean, the customer is always the number one priority – whether it’s their health, the elegance of their surroundings, or just how easy it is for them to order a meal.


South Beach Lean is located at 1435 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139. It is open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.