Boot Camp With Victoria Telek and Keith Darby at the Standard Miami

Boot Camp is an innovative high energy training session designed to take fitness to the next level in an exciting and fun environment. The boot camp is open to men and women of all fitness levels and is designed to tone and condition, burn fat, develop strength, balance, endurance, coordination, power, speed, agility, and flexibility to get your body in peak condition. This is a full body workout that produces results.

The boot camp is formatted so that participants will be training together as a group and/or specialized workout stations. The overall workout is a heart-pumping non-stop mix of Plyometrics, Cardio, Yoga, Resistance Training, Kick Boxing, Athletic Intervals, Running, and Calisthenics. Unlike anything you have experienced before, our boot camps are fun, effective, and for anyone looking to take their fitness and life to the next level.  Shed pounds, increase endurance, tone and sculpt your body like never before. Boot Camp was built to take bodies to the next level!!!

Classes at The Standard Spa, Miami are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will be taught in gym as well as in the healing garden and bayside on the yoga dock.

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