Hatha Yoga Classes in Miami

Shwaasa Guru, founder of Shwaasa Yoga Ashram (Swami Vachananand).

Shwaasa Guru, founder of Shwaasa Yoga Ashram, is conducting multiple yoga retreats and yoga sessions across famous cities of the USA in the month of July. The aim of these events is to guide and empower people towards a better lifestyle with the ancient practice of yoga.

Shwaasa Yoga Ashram is an exemplification of authentic yogic learning that has fostered several yogis and yoginis. Pledged to spread the ancient yogic roots to different corners of the globe, Shwaasa yoga ashram is considered a hub for spiritual growth and overall wellness.

The wellness event being conducted in the U.S. is not chargeable. It is a charitable program and is completely donation based.

During the event, special classes will be conducted by Swami Vachananand Ji (Shwaasa Guru) using traditional teachings from the Vedic scriptures, in order to form a balance between spiritual and the acquisitive world. The purpose of this event is to expand the yogic culture in the US with the great wisdom of Yoga using techniques of asanas, meditation, pranayama and more for complete physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Swami Vachananand Ji or Shwaasa Guru, the founder of Shwaasa yoga ashram, has worked incessantly over the years to guide humanity towards spiritual knowledge, love and peace through the age-old practice of yoga. The journey that started at the tender age of 8 continues, and he pledges to disseminate his vast fountain of knowledge through his simple yet powerful methods of teaching.

The event schedule is as follows:

Hatha Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Chicago

The Hatha Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Chicago, held on the 5th and 6th of July, 2019, was an opportunity for the participants to be part of a transformative experience like never before. They experienced a deeper connection of the body, mind, and soul through this revitalizing session in the city of architectural beauty, Chicago. Centuries-old holistic techniques were part of these invigorative yoga sessions which focused to improve balance, agility, and strength, and also welcome a harmonious intuitive self. The reviving yoga sessions had a profound effect on all the participants where they learnt about the ancient practices to reveal a greater sense of freedom, love and beauty.

Date: 5th & 6th July 2019
Time: 06:00 am to 08:00 am
Venue: The Westin Chicago Northwest, 400 Park Blvd, Itasca, IL, 60143, USA

Hatha Yoga Classes in Miami

Held on the 7th of July, 2019, the Hatha Yoga event in Miami was an initiative to share the ancient wisdom of yoga and provide participants with the tools to change their lives for better. Guided by Swami Vachananand Ji, the entire yoga session was spiritually uplifting where the participants got introduced to the age-old techniques of wellness, discipline and self-retrospection. The colorful beach town of Miami served as the perfect abode for this rejuvenating and refreshing session where all spent their time learning, discussing and exchanging useful information. The aim was not to only teach Hatha Yoga, but also to help one walk on the path of spirituality, reaching the ultimate goal of enlightenment.

Date: 7th July 2019
Time: 07:30 am to 08:30 am
Venue: Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Mi 46100 Grand River, Novi, MI. 48374 Detroit

Hatha Yoga and Meditation Retreat in California

Blending the yoga traditions from the east and the west, the Hatha and Meditation Retreat in California to be held on 13th and 14 July, 2019 will primarily focus on ancient wisdom traditions along with Hatha yoga and meditation. The sessions will be the perfect opportunity for those who wish to evolve themselves as a conscious being through the yogic practices. Swami Vachananand Ji along with his group of learned and experienced yoga gurus will support and guide the participants to develop their own healing path. The event will also focus on how yoga can be made a part of life for personal development and growth.   There will be plenty of discussions and many things to learn from these masters who have dedicated their lives to this sacred practice.

Date: 13th & 14th July 2019
Time: 08:00 am to 10:00 am
Venue: Balaji Temple, 5004 N.1st Street, PO Box-1146, San Jose (Alviso), CA 95002

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