De La Ghetto and Quevedo Unite in a Groundbreaking Musical Collaboration

Acclaimed artist and musical trailblazer, De La Ghetto, has taken the music world by storm with an unprecedented collaboration alongside Spanish rap sensation, Quevedo. This remarkable union of talents signifies the convergence of two distinct realms, where urban music’s rich heritage and legacy merge with the sophistication and innovation brought forth by the new wave of European urban performers.

Under the evocative title “My Love,” this urban anthem is set to captivate music aficionados with its captivating blend of Trap and R&B elements. A masterful composition jointly crafted by De La Ghetto, Quevedo, and Yanzee, “My Love” has been skillfully produced by the visionary duo of Hydra and IOF, who have left an indelible mark on this collaborative masterpiece.

“The truth is, I really like the song ‘My Love,’ especially because of the blend of genres and melodies that De La Ghetto brings to it. He is a master and a legend of reggaeton, and someone I will always enjoy collaborating with. It has been incredible working with him; he has always treated me exceptionally well since I met him in ‘Si Quieren Frontear’ with Duki. Much respect to Geezy,” stated Quevedo.

The accompanying music video for “My Love” is a cinematic tour de force, weaving together a tapestry of love stories set against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving world. Moreover, inclusion takes center stage in this narrative brimming with characters of various ages and couples representing diverse sexual orientations. This thoughtful portrayal fosters an inclusive and respectful representation of the multifaceted nature of human diversity.

The music video was shot in Madrid and Cuenca on April 11th and 12th. It was directed and written by the dynamic directing duo known as El Cielo, composed of Joaquín Luna and Alfonso Riera. The production was entrusted to the renowned film and audiovisual production company, Antiestático, under the guidance of executive producer Nabil Ejey. Following their successful collaboration on the visual album ‘Donde Quiero Estar’, they reunite once again, this time with the esteemed Spanish actress and Goya nominee, Greta Fernández, as well as the internationally recognized model, Muriel Seiquer.

De La Ghetto, revered as one of the foremost pioneers of the urban music genre, proudly embraces this collaboration, praising the immense talent and distinctive vision brought forth by Quevedo, who lends a touch of European allure to the creative fusion. These two extraordinary artists have crafted a musical opus that promises to captivate fans on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond.

The eagerly anticipated single, “My Love,” is now available for streaming and download on all major digital platforms. This release stands as a defining milestone in the illustrious careers of De La Ghetto and Quevedo, solidifying their positions as vanguards of urban music in their respective countries and propelling them to new heights of international acclaim.

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