BLAST Pro Series Miami

The full program for BLAST Pro Series Miami on April 12-13 is now available. Two days of top-level Counter-Strike, fitted into time slots that best suits the many great esports fans on the east coast of the US.

West coast Counter-Strike enthusiasts and curious newcomers won’t have to look far for world-class esports entertainment. BLAST Pro Series is coming to LA on July 12-13.

BLAST Pro Series’ unique format is the only of its kind in all of Counter-Strike. It creates reliability in the sense that all matches in all five rounds are predetermined. The program for BLAST Pro Series is released weeks before the actual tournament begins and it gives the audience and viewers a complete overview of what to expect and when. If you’re watching from home, you don’t have to constantly keep up with tournament progression in order to tune in at the exact time your favorite team is playing.

This format is one of the many things that makes BLAST Pro Series the most inclusive, easy to digest, yet premium esports tournaments in the world.

Miami, get ready for live esports entertainment like you’ve never seen it before

Following an epic weekend of BLAST Pro Series in São Paulo, Miami will be the second stop on the global BLAST circuit.

Whether you’re watching the event on TV in one of our 135 countries and territories that broadcast BLAST Pro Series, on our online streams with 5 million other Counter-Strike fans, or among the thousands attending the event live in the Watsco Center, you will find a full program below, highlighting the key matchups and schedule ahead of the most riveting Counter-Strike weekend.

BLAST Pro Series Miami will be the predecessor for the second US BLAST event already confirmed, BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles in Galen Center on July 12-13. LA will be the fourth tournament on the BLAST circuit, trailblazing just behind BLAST Pro Series Madrid on May 10-11.

The full program for the weekend:

The tournament opens Friday, April 12, where the two rounds of initial Group Stage matches will be played for viewers to see on TV and on our online stream channel at Twitch TV.

Watsco Center will open its doors for the live audience on Saturday, April 13, where all the decisive Group Stage matches, the BLAST Stand-Off, and the Grand Final will be played, culminating in a spectacular show and unforgettable experience for both the live audience and those watching from home.

Friday, April 12

Round 1

05.00 PM – 06:00 PM local time (11:00 PM – 12:00 AM CET)


Cloud9 vs. Astralis

FaZe Clan vs. Team Liquid

Round 2

06:30 PM – 07:30 PM local time (12:30 AM – 01:30 AM CET)

Team Liquid vs. Cloud9

FaZe Clan vs. MIBR

NAVI vs. Astralis

Saturday, April 13 (Watsco Center)

Round 3

12:00 PM – 01:00 PM local time (06:00 PM – 07:00 PM CET)

FaZe Clan vs. Cloud9

MIBR vs. Astralis

NAVI vs. Team Liquid

Round 4

01:20 PM – 02:20 PM local time (07:20 PM – 08:20 PM CET)

Team Liquid vs. Astralis

Cloud9 vs. MIBR

FaZe Clan vs. NAVI

Round 5

02:40 PM – 03:40 PM local time (08:40 PM – 09:40 PM)

MIBR vs. Team Liquid

Cloud9 vs. NAVI

Astralis vs. FaZe Clan

BLAST Stand-Off

04:00 PM – 04:30 PM local time (10:00 PM – 10:30 PM CET)

Grand Final

05:00 PM – 08:20 local time ( 11:00 PM – 02:20 AM CET)*


*The Grand Final is a best-of-three match, and the timings are subject to change, depending on previous tournament results and whether the third map will be necessary.

BLAST Pro Series Miami will showcase the world’s elite Counter-Strike teams facing off in a sold-out arena, with thousands of fans creating a magical atmosphere you only will be able to experience at BLAST Pro Series. Coupled with a massive digital show of lights, sounds and unrivaled production, BLAST Pro Series Miami will be an event you don’t want to miss.

The coming BLAST Pro Series tournaments:

  • Miami, Watsco Center, 12-13 April
  • Madrid, Madrid Arena, 10-11 May
  • Los Angeles, Galen Center, 12-13 July

Tickets and sign-up for tickets for BLAST Pro Series Miami, Madrid, and Los Angeles is available via

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