Art Miami Sales Increase and Special Visit From Julian Lennon

Julian Lennon paid a visit to iconic New York Gallery, ChinaSquare Gallery, to see a photograph of his father, the late John Lennon. See attached image of Julian checking out the work with artist, Alex Guofeng Cao.

Art  Miami (­, Miami’s longest running contemporary art fair and anchor fair to the city of Miami, continues to attract major buyers with many dealers reporting multiple sales on day three of the fair. Numerous five and six figure acquisitions of marquee works took place, reflecting the quality on show, while strong sales of works by emerging artists also demonstrates the relevance of Art Miami to collectors at every level. Distinguished for its depth, diversity and quality, Art Miami presents an incredible showcase of works from over 100 internationally renowned modern and contemporary art galleries.

Highlights from Friday’s sales included:

Galerie Forsblom sold a Manolo Valdez La Doble Imagen for $330,000 and a HC Berg Pilgrim for $32,000

James Barron Art sold a Mark di Suvero Nex Two for over $300,000

Michael Goedhuis sold a Li Chen Pure Land bronze sculpture for $285,000, and a Wei Ligang Lotus I for $78,000

Jerald Melberg Gallery sold a Milton Avery for $100,000

McCormick Gallery / Vincent Vallarino Fine Art sold a Stephen Pace for $58,000 and a John Henry Sculpture for $20,000

Mark Borghi Fine Art Inc. sold a John Chamberlain for $185,000, a Picasso drawing Portrait of Dolga for $85,000, two YaYoi Kusanas for $65,000 each, a John McLaughlin for $20,000, a George Condo drawing for $20,000, and an Alex Katz for $11,000

Waltman Ortega Fine Art sold an entire Jorge Enrique concept collection of paintings, totems, and video installations for $180,000 to a new private art museum opening in Nashville in March 2011.

Schantz Galleries took a commission for a Lino Tagliapietra Avventura for $150,000

Hollis Taggart sold Michael Goldberg’s Just Girl for just under $100,000

Scott White Contemporary Art sold a Donald Sultan for $55,000

Brancolini Grimaldi sold a Massimo Vitali Oranto Sud Family for $33,000

Galerie Von Braunbehrens sold Diving Dyptichon for $42,000 and Turkish Bath for $30,000 by artist M. Marck, and paintings El Mundo and La Vanguardia from artist Jens Lorenzen for $12,000 each

Atlas Gallery sold a Helmut Newton vintage print titled Model in Chains for $24,000

Lausberg Contemporary sold three Michael Burges paintings for $28,000, $25,000 and $22,000, an Udo Nöger painting titled Zerrinnend for $14,000 and a Sophie Defrancesca sculpture titled Orange Crush for $10,000

Catherine Edelman Gallery completely sold out of Gregory Scott’s mixed media works. Myopia, an edition of four, and Fabrication, an edition of 6, sold for $28,000 each. The gallery débuted Gregory Scott’s work at Art Miami in 2008.

The Cynthia Corbett Gallery sold Slamm…As Always She’s Right by Deborah Azzopardi for $25,000 to a New York collector, a photograph by Tom Leighton titled Venice I for $18,750, and a Ghost of a Dream sculpture titled Dream Vacation to a major collector from Belgium for an undisclosed amount

Nicholas Metivier Gallery sold three Edward Burtynsky photographs: AMARC #5, Davis – Monthan AFB for $30,000, Oil Spill #7 for $23,000, and Oil Spill #1 for $23,000

Modernism, Inc. sold two large Michael Dweks for $20,000 each

CYNTHIA-­REEVES sold a Claire Watkins kinetic sculpture, Untitled Lungs for $16,000

Now Contemporary Art sold Frederico Uribe’s Once Upon a Time for $15,000

Rosenbaum Contemporary sold a large and a small Robert Indiana HOPE, two Elizabeth Pattersons, and two Thomas Hartmann paintings for undisclosed amounts

Wetterling Gallery sold a small Ed Ruscha, a large Jason Martin titled Agora, and a Nathalia Edenmont photograph for undisclosed amounts

Contessa Gallery sold ten pieces from photographer David Drebin including Central Park, which was the last digital print available in the world for sale

Bernice Steinbaum sold a Hung Liu, a Peter Sarkisian, a Donna Rosenthal, a Billie Lynn, Wancin Zhang for undisclosed amounts

Mike Weiss Gallery sold four Yigal Ozeri works for $40,000-­?$50,000 a piece, one Liao Yibai sculpture for $50,000, one Trudy Benson painting, and two Kim Dorland paintings

The following galleries also reported sales:

Wilde Gallery sold four Evol spray painting on cardboard works

Ginocchio Gallery sold the four piece collection of Hugo Lugo and two Hiroshi Sugimotos

Contemporary Works/Vintage Works sold two Julius Schulmans, a Zomora portrait of Diego Rivera, a Lisa Holden Bathers, and a Luis Gonzalez Palma.

Jenkins Johnson Gallery sold two Julian Opies, a Polixeni Papapetrou, a Julia Fullerton-­?Batten, a Ben Aronson, and two Nathaniel Donnetts.

Galerie Terminus sold five Jan Davidoffs

Lawrence Miller Gallery sold two Stephanie Couturiers and a Jessica Backhaus photograph

Denise Bibro Fine Art sold seven digital animations by Carter Hodgkin titled The Nine Bend Stream, an oil painting on canvas by Dusty Boynton titled Good Friends, and Jerry Meyer mixed media piece titled Very Trivial Pursuits

Arthur Roger Gallery sold three David Bates paintings, a Whitfield Lovell to a museum, and two Robert Colescott paintings

Among the high-­profile crowd of collectors and influencers at the fair on Friday was Julian Lennon, Audrey Gruss, Barry Slotnick, Carol Mack, and Marjorie Reed Gordan. “The positive feedback we are receiving from our galleries and attendees has exceeded expectations. Sales are consistently strong over the first three days and many dealers have reported interest and sales from new contacts, including museums and art institutions. All indicators point to exceptional quality and a very qualified audience. We’re anticipating even larger crowds over the weekend, and are expecting to report a strong finish for the fair as many important works of art are on hold,” said Nick Korniloff, Director of Art Miami.

Running from December 1 – December 5 in a state-­of-­the-­art 100,000 square foot pavilion in Midtown Miami’s burgeoning Wynwood Arts District. Now in its 21 st year, Art Miami includes modern and contemporary paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography and prints from Europe, Asia, Latin America, India, the Middle East and the United States. Situated in a newly designed pavilion, one third larger than last year, Art Miami has grown to include over 100 galleries from 16 countries, with a showcase of 700 artists from 70 countries around the world. From the United States, 300 artists are on display from nearly 30 cities.

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Highlights from Wednesday’s sales included:

•       Contessa Gallery sold Booster by Robert Rauschenberg for $225,000 to a notable private collection. Considered the most important print in Rauschenberg’s career, the print consists of a life-size X-ray image of Rauschenberg himself and other seemingly random images. At the time of its creation it was the largest hand-pulled single-sheet print ever made and catapulted printmaking into a new era of experimentation.

•       Contessa Gallery sold Off the Continental Divide by James Rosenquist for $40,000. It is considered by many curators to be one of the two most important prints in Rosenquist’s career and can be found in major museums around the world, including MoMA, New York, National Gallery of Canada and Tate, London.  The gallery also sold a Mark T. Smith Diagram of Life, a local Miami artist, and two David Debrin Me & Me photographs (one to a museum in Europe.)

•       James Barron Art sold a Robert Mangold painting for an undisclosed amount

•       Juan Ruiz Galeria sold an untitled piece from important Cuban artist, Kcho for $30,000, and Austrian artist Martin C. Herbst’s Sphere

•       Sundaram Tagore Gallery sold Kim Joon’s last edition of Fragile Dresden for $30,000

•       Galerie Forsblom sold American artist Jacob Hashimoto’s Levels Below This Remote Labyrinth sculpture for $50,000, and Finnish artist HC Berg’s acrylic sculpture titled Visual Vortex Oily Colours Inside Out for $30,000

•       Claire Oliver Gallery sold a Norbert Brunner work, Susie, for $35,000 to the New Britain Museum of American Art, and a sculpture from Beth Cavener Stichter, The Sanguine, for $38,000

•       The Cynthia Corbett Gallery sold Miami Map from American artist Klari Reis for $16,000

Highlights from Thursday’s sales included:

•       Mark Borghi Fine Art sold a Philip Guston for over $700,000, a Jim Dine for $65,000, a Mercedes Matter for $65,000, and an Alexander Calder for $30,000.

•       Evelyn Amis Fine Art sold a Robert Motherwell for $560,000 and a Frank Stella for $275,000

•       Jerald Melberg Gallery sold a Robert Motherwell for $400,000

•       Hollis Taggart sold Elie Nadelman’s Man in a Top Hat in the $300,000 range.  The Nadelman is a rare cast (edition of 2) with impeccable provenance, which was once owned by the artist’s close friend Lincoln Kirstein.  The gallery also sold two Marjorie Strider works in the six figures, one for $150,000, and a Richard Pousette-Dart for $65,000.

•       Wetterling Gallery sold a John Chamberlain, Untitled, for $135,000; a Helen Frankenthaler, Untitled, acrylic painting on canvas for $110,000; a Joel Shapiro, Untitled, for $95,000; a Natalia Edenmont, Baby’s Breath, photograph for $22,000, and a number of Mike and Doug Starn photographs.

•       Greg Kucera Gallery sold a large Deborah Butterfield sculpture for $150,000, and two James Castle works for $16,000 and $6,000.

•       Goya Contemporary sold a Robert Natkin and a Gene Davis, both in the $50,000-$100,000 range

•       Scott White Contemporary Art sold a Conrad Marca-relli collage for $32,000, a Victor Rodriquez painting for $25,000, two Ruth Pastine works for $12,000 combined, and an Eric Johnson wall sculpture for $10,000

•       Cynthia Corbett Gallery sold Lluis Barba’s “The Haywain” for an undisclosed amount to Jorge Perez, and his “La Muestra de Gersaint Watteau” to another collector for $36,500.  The gallery also sold a Tom Leighton photo for $14,750

•       CYNTHIA-REEVES sold a John Grade for $30,000

•       Timothy Yarger Fine Art sold three Pierre Marie Brisson works – “Premise II” for $18,000 and “Revelation IV”  and “Revelation V” for $33,000 combined

•       David Klein Gallery sold three Kelly Reemtsen pieces totaling $24,000

•       Pan American Art Projects sold a Francis Acea “Money man” for $10,000

•       Catherine Edelman Gallery sold six Gregory Scott video pieces at $24,000-$26,000 each

•       William Shearburn Gallery sold a Motherwell painting, two large scale Melbochners, a Sarah Frost installation, and an Anne Appleby painting for undisclosed amounts

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