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Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell: The X Factor
By: Daedrian McNaughton & Kamilah Wallace| Premier Guide Miami | Premier Guide Media

In our interview, Simon Cowell, renowned judge on “The X Factor,” shared his thoughts on the possibility of his former show, “American Idol,” winning an Emmy this year. Cowell expressed amusement at the idea, stating, “After all these years that the year I wasn’t on it, it would win the Emmy, and I think that would make me laugh so it probably will. I think it would be more ironic.”

Cowell went on to playfully claim the victory for himself, saying, “But I think I’m going to say if it does win this year it’s for all the years we did before, so whatever happens I’m going to claim the victory, I promise you, and replicate the Emmy and just put my name on it.” His tongue-in-cheek response showcases his trademark humor and competitive spirit.

As a former judge on “American Idol,” Cowell’s candid remarks provide insight into his perspective on the Emmy nomination and his ongoing relationship with the show. Fans and industry insiders will undoubtedly be curious to see if Cowell’s prediction rings true when the winners are announced.


The Battle of the Singing Competitions: Simon Cowell Speaks Out

As the fall premiere season kicks off, the rivalry between singing competitions is reaching new heights. The buzz is all about Fox’s “The X Factor” going head-to-head with NBC’s “The Voice.” With high stakes and an intense battle for ratings, the competition is heating up, and one man at the center of it all, Simon Cowell, judge on “The X Factor,” has some strong opinions.

In our interview, Cowell addressed the claims made by “The Voice” executive producer, Mark Burnett, that they did not consider the competition with “The X Factor.” Cowell called it a tactical move, suggesting that “The Voice” doesn’t want viewers to tune into his show. He believes that there is a so-called “gentleman’s agreement,” but ultimately, it will be up to the viewers to decide which show they prefer.

“I think there is a gentleman’s agreement, but you will have to rely that the viewers will make the right selection,” Cowell stated confidently.

Amidst this fierce rivalry, Cowell couldn’t help but share his amusement at the recent Emmy win by “American Idol,” a show he was not involved in this year. He jokingly mentioned that it would be ironic if the show won while he wasn’t a part of it. However, he did not miss an opportunity to claim victory should it happen.

“I’m going to say if it does win this year, it’s for all the years we did before. So whatever happens, I’m going to claim the victory, I promise you, and replicate the Emmy and just put my name on it,” Cowell shared with a touch of humor.

In THE X FACTOR, Cowell, along with fellow judges Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid, and Nicole Scherzinger, scoured the nation to find the next global superstar or breakout music group. Contestants aged 12 and above, both solo artists and vocal groups, competed for a chance to win a remarkable $5 million recording contract with Syco/Sony Music. Hosted by Steve Jones, THE X FACTOR promises to deliver exhilarating auditions that will leave everyone talking.

With the battle between “The Voice” and “The X Factor” now in full swing, audiences are eagerly anticipating which show will come out on top. As viewers, we hold the power to choose the winner, and the stage is set for an epic showdown in the world of singing competitions. Let the battle begin!


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