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Lincoln Road Theater on Miami Beach

On Miami Beach, there is a stretch of land .80 miles long, known as Lincoln Road Mall. It’s a fabulous place to walk, eat or shop. Some of Miami’s excellent restaurants can be found along this strip, and the casual stroller can find anything from clothing to jewelry to computers to incense in the wonderful shops that line Lincoln Road.

This weekend Lincoln Road Mall was packed from end to end with Miami Beach’s latest visitors. The tourists are here and that became obvious by the various languages which could be heard, as people walked along the over-crowded mall, some with family members, others with lovers holding hands and chatting. The many restaurants were packed with diners.

Lots of Europeans are in Miami now, and the dollar is so low against the euro and the pound, that everything seems like bargain basement prices to Europeans who come here each winter to escape the cold European climate and enjoy the warm Miami weather and the beaches. As everyone following the real estate market in Miami knows, there are plenty of homes and condos on the market for sale these days. One thing for sure is that real estate in Miami Beach is some of the best property that money can buy.To a European visitor looking to invest in a winter condo or home, property in Miami is quite a bargain already, and as the real estate market is heavily in favor of the buyer, great deals can be made in this present marketplace. Will this translate into more homes and condos selling this winter than in previous months? We shall soon see, so stay tuned.

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