Park Hyatt Partners with Louis Vuitton, Featuring John Nollet

Photo by Jean Baptiste Mondino
As a part of the new partnership with the Park Hyatt hotel and Louis Vuitton, the duo kicks off a “Tour of the World”, featuring famous French couture icon, John Nollet. During the tour, John Nollet will visit 11 destinations, offering his “Hair Room Service”, exclusively at Park Hyatt hotels. Accompanying John Nollet will be his custom made Louis Vuitton trunk,along with the tools and accessories he will use for this undertaking.

Hair room service around the world by John Nollet
with Park Hyatt and Louis Vuitton

10-17th of June : New York – location to be confirmed
Cocktails on the 10th of June – location to be confirmed

22-29th of July : Park Hyatt Chicago
Cocktails at Park Hyatt Chicago on the 22nd of July

26 of August-2nd of September : Park Hyatt Buenos Aires
Cocktails at Park Hyatt Buenos Aires on the 26th of August

22-29 of September : Park Hyatt Sydney
Cocktails at Park Hyatt Sydney on the 22nd of September

21-28th of October : Park Hyatt Tokyo
Cocktails at Park Hyatt Tokyo on the 21st of October

18-25th of November : Park Hyatt Shanghai
Cocktails at Park Hyatt Shanghai on the 18th of November

2-9th of December : London – location to be confirmed
Cocktails on the 2nd of December – location to be confirmed

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