February 2023 New Book Releases from Book Launchers

 February Book Releases

What’s on your book TBR list in February? Consider adding some of these latest titles from Book Launchers!

From a white collar crime redemption story, launching your own lifestyle business with less stress, navigating the health care system or riveting Christian memoirs, our February book launches have it all. Don’t miss these impactful stories and helpful ways to improve your life.

The Gray Choice: Lessons on My Journey from Big-Time Banking to the Big House (and Back)
By Shaun Hayes
Genres: Business, Memoir, White Collar Crime, Decision-MakingAt 29, banker Shaun Hayes was on his way to becoming a millionaire. Guided by hustle and ingenuity, he purchased his first bank and was CEO of one of the largest publicly held bank holding companies in Missouri. He was lauded as one of the Midwest’s top entrepreneurs and riding high as a business leader and family man. He took the risks and made the sharp decisions others wouldn’t— until those decisions led to his downfall … and prison.

Learn the true story of entrepreneur and multimillionaire Shaun Hayes’s rise to the highest levels of corporate banking, his subsequent fall that led to 37 months in federal prison, and the ultimate costs: his family, friends, freedom, and fortune. A cautionary tale of great success and failure, this page-turning business memoir is your guide to staying on course through life’s ethical gray areas.

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Prescription for Admission: A Doctor’s Guide for Navigating the Hospital, Advocating for Yourself, and Having a Better Hospitalization
By Dr. Monique Nugent
Genre: Health care, doctor-patient, hospital careWhen you’re already sick, injured, or in pain, a hospital visit adds more stress to an already overwhelming situation. Every step is often too confusing, too opaque, and too cumbersome for patients to feel fully in control. With the right knowledge, your hospitalization can be a positive experience full of the comfort, communication, and compassion you deserve.

In Prescription for Admission, hospitalist Dr. Monique Nugent simplifies acute hospitalizations to help you receive better treatment and improve your experience. Whether you’re facing a trip to the ER, an unexpected inpatient stay, or a planned hospitalization for cancer treatment, this complete guide provides the critical information you need to navigate the hospital—so you can stay calm, feel confident, and focus on healing after a health crisis.

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Smart Business, Better You: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Health, Wealth, and Happiness
By Deniero Bartolini
Genres: Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Online BusinessYou’ve launched your business, but your life doesn’t look much better than when you worked your stressful 9 to 5. You’re stuck sacrificing time for money. Thankfully, it takes only two shifts to live the lifestyle of your dreams. The first is turning your business remote and understanding what it takes to thrive online. The second is becoming an effective leader for your team, your clients, and ultimately for yourself. Combined, these shifts create a life with more money, health, flexibility, and freedom.

Taking cutting-edge practices from many disciplines, Deniero Bartolini’s Smart Business, Better You brings business, productivity, sales, and self-care together to create a simple-to-use guide to transform you and your business. Bartolini guides you into becoming a person who can lead and scale a thriving online life-style business.

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14 Steps to Financial Freedom: Simple Strategies to Grow, Protect, and Sow Your Money at Any Age
By Bruce Scott
Genres: Personal Finance, Wealth, Financial FreedomYou have the right to be financially free and live securely. But we aren’t taught to manage money, so it can seem like an impossible dream. Many of us leave high school, college, and even our parents’ homes without the knowledge needed to help secure our financial futures in an increasingly complex world.

Thankfully, it’s not too late for you to learn how to manage your money and obtain wealth. International personal finance specialist Bruce Scott  not only lifted himself out of poverty but now teaches his clients how to attain financial freedom. In this step-by-step road map, he walks you through 14 straightforward, detailed steps in easy-to-understand chapters that can be implemented from day one.

Master the lifetime habits needed to be financially secure and unlock the golden rules of financial freedom.

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My Story, His Glory: A Lens on Racism and Religion In America, and God’s Final Judgement
By Nathaniel Arnold
Genres: Christian Memoir, Prophecies, Racism in AmericaFollow the provocative memoir of a Black Christian born in the Deep South during a racially conflicted era in the US—a conflict that still lingers today—and his incredible story of faith, purpose, and spiritual path that spans life and death. Battered by racism and discrimination even from within the church, Nathaniel Arnold found himself questioning God’s truth and love. Sometimes, it felt like God was punishing him while leading him on a desperate search to survive and understand it all—until he found a truth powerful enough to withstand even the devil’s deceptions.

This rare narrative that provides evidence that Jesus Christ’s Second Coming is imminent. Told through the lens of the Bible and its prophecies as well as the present times’ civil unrest, this gripping Christian autobiography exposes the Truth of the Person of Jesus Christ and is a call to hope for the plan of salvation available to those who take it.

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