RAISING SEXTUPLETS (Thursdays at 10pm ET/PT)

On July 22, Jenny, Bryan and the sextuplets are finally moving from Arizona to their new home in Destin, Florida.   But the day before they set out, the whole family gets sick.  Then, things get worse when Bryan and Jenny have a big argument about couches.  The next morning, the 11-member caravan heads out. But as soon as they set out on the road, Jenny’s vehicle starts sputtering and panic sets in – she put regular gas into a diesel engine!  Eventually, after a tow truck arrives, the caravan continues and grows to 14 people, after Jenny’s family joins in Phoenix.  The all-American road trip – filled with roadside attractions and family squabbles – is in full swing. Five days and six states later, after an exhausting journey, they arrive in Florida and Jenny is about to see her new home for the very first time. But Bryan can’t find the keys and they must break into the house!  The family sticks around to help with the unpacking but Bryan grows impatient with the progress, which only leads to more arguments. Finally, and inevitably, it’s time to say goodbye with a series of emotional farewells.  There is still unpacking left to do, and the house is in chaotic disarray with much work that needs to be done on it.  But Jenny and Bryan have finally arrived at the end of their long journey – and are now more than ready to embrace their new life.

Then on July 29, Jenny’s mom says a heartbreaking goodbye after helping Jenny and Bryan through the first 10 days of settling into their new Florida home. Now, the Masches are truly on their own.  Jenny is surprised to find out she can’t start work at the hospital until her paperwork comes through, and with Bryan’s business still not up and running yet, they find themselves with no income and a pile of bills. They love their new home and newfound independence, but the peace and quiet doesn’t last long. Between household mechanical problems that Bryan can’t fix and early wake-up calls from the sextuplets, chaos resumes as normal. With all the disorder, Jenny and Bryan realize it’s high time for a tune-up with their marriage counselor, Dr. Debra Mandel. For the first time, Bryan admits he blames Jenny for choosing the fertility treatment that led to the six babies and Jenny apologizes for thwarting Bryan’s political ambitions. In the end, Dr. Debra is able to provide them with some practical tips on de-escalating to restore harmony. After all the stress of these first weeks on their own, the Masche family heads to the beach to enjoy what they came for: the Florida sun and surf! Jenny and Bryan are determined to fully live the new life they imagined for themselves, but it will take hard work to make their marriage thrive and become the kind of parents they aspire to be.

BRIDEZILLAS (Sundays at 9pm ET/PT)

On July 25, just days before the wedding, local Houston Bridezilla Mia has a list of unfinished business that keeps growing longer and longer.  The fact that she hasn’t even sent out wedding invitations certainly doesn’t help!  Everything is last-minute with this ‘zilla.  When she’s not concocting half-baked weight loss schemes, she’s trying to manipulate her mother into shelling out more of her retirement savings for the wedding (even though Mia has her own secret account).  When Mom finally puts her foot down, will the whole wedding fall to pieces?  Meanwhile, viewers meet Davenport, FL, Bridezilla Maria, who is driving her whole wedding party nuts with her wedding preparations.  This conceited diva refuses to lift a finger, but has no problem dishing out the commands.  From making wedding favor chocolates, to critiquing her bridesmaids in their dresses, yet refusing to participate in her bridal boot-camp workout, Maria always knows best.

Then on August 1, as time ticks down to her wedding Bridezilla Maria, can’t seem to get her fiancé Kyle to help her with anything. This spoiled bride tears down her bridesmaids, turns her nose up at her bachelorette party and throws a complete hissy fit about the location of her rehearsal dinner!  Meanwhile, Bridezilla Regina has her own wedding rage to deal with.  This Houston lady may have gone through anger management courses, but this wedding is making her forget everything she learned.  And anyone who crosses this bride is quickly replaced, as Regina threatens to kick out bridesmaid after bridesmaid for their noncompliance – from the wedding and even one from her apartment!


On July 25, David Tutera heads to the Caribbean for Brooke’s wedding. David has planned plenty of destination weddings, but the last thing he imagined was a Pirates of the Caribbean themed wedding.  With only 21 days until the big day, missing the mark on this one might mean David walking the plank!

Then on August 1, every bride dreams of marrying her prince charming and having a fairytale wedding, especially David Tutera’s latest bride, Aurora.  With a giant hug, he commits to giving her the royal treatment.  But no sooner does he introduce styles fit for a queen when he gets pushback from this sovereign bride.  What this bride sees as regal, David sees as a royal disaster!

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