Viva Casa Reposado Tequila Launch

Viva Casa

The newest addition to the Viva Casa family, Viva Casa Tulum Reposado is the perfect pairing for any cocktail and mixed drink. Viva Casa Reposado Tequila is unlike anything you have ever tasted, bringing you the extraordinary flavors only found from Tulumto Miami. With its fragrant notes of honey and vanilla, this authentic reposado tequila captures the essence of this traditional spirit. Viva Casa is a company that makes high-quality tequila affordable! They believe in giving you the best of both worlds by providing great flavor without breaking your wallet. With their distilled reposado tequila made from the extract of 100% blue agave plants, they have created one delicious spirit to mix into any cocktail or margarita for $30 per bottle. This tequila is a subtle, well-refined liquor, absolutely worth drinking on its own, or in any classic tequila cocktail.

Looking for a vodka that’s as wild and free as the ocean? Look no further than Viva Casa Ocean Vodka. This handcrafted, gluten-free vodka is made with corn and double filtered for a smooth, refreshing taste.

Miami’s newest craft distillery, Viva Casa is launching a new line of spirits this summer. This team of spirit crafters has been in the business of creating local liquors for over two years and now they are releasing their very own Ocean Vodka.  And now, Viva Casa has an Ocean Vodka that will be launching as early as July! The new Ocean Vodka is made with quality sourced ingredients including botanicals and local produce. Catch a vibe and toast with your favorite drink to a taste as crisp and clean as the ocean! Be wild and free!

Viva Casa

As the weather starts to heat up, so does the party scene in Miami. This summer, local distillery Viva Casa will launch their new Ocean Vodka. In addition to their reposado tequila, both of these handmade spirits will complement any gathering or event, providing the perfect base for a myriad of different cocktails. With summer right around the corner, these are products you won’t want to miss out on! Stay tuned for more information. Cheers!

Catch a vibe with us and toast to a taste of Tulum!  Visit to order your very own bottle of Tulum Reposado Tequila or learn more about when you can find our newest spirit, Viva Casa Ocean Vodka.

As a local Miami distillery, Viva Casa is committed to harnessing the flavors of Tulum, one of the most authentic and historic places in all of Mexico. With flavors of honey and vanilla, their reposado tequila is one of the most genuine representations of the handmade craftsmanship of spirits from this region.

While Tulum is not known for its production of vodka, Viva Casa has implemented their expertise in spirit distillation and produced one of the finest Floridian vodkas you will ever find.

As the summer months roll in and the weather in Miami heats up, so do the fiéstas and celebrations! Viva Casa has some of the best local, handcrafted spirits available for your casa. These are perfect for enjoying on the rocks or neat, as well as making the most complimentary ingredient to classic cocktail favorites. Visit us online to shop, learn more, and be notified of updates on the release of Viva Casa Ocean Vodka. ¡Salud!

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