The Wolfsonian Short Film Presentations: The New Woman and Playing Unfair


Saturday, July 13, 1:30 PM

THE NEW WOMAN (USA, Gillian K. Willman, 2013, DVD, 27 min.)
This short documentary film tells the story of Annie “Londonderry” Kopchovsky, a fiercely independent and free thinking young woman who found freedom by reinventing herself as the daring “Annie Londonderry”— entrepreneur, athlete, and celebrated globetrotter. By sheer force of will and bravado, Annie achieved the impossible..

PLAYING UNFAIR: THE MEDIA IMAGE OF THE FEMALE ATHLETE (USA, Mary Jo Kane, Pat Griffin, and Michael Messner, 2002, DVD, 30 min.)—How did the Title IX law, passed in 1972, impact the coverage of women’s sports in the media? Playing Unfair takes a look at why it has taken women over 40 years to receive equal playing time. Free.

For more information contact or 305.535.2644.

The films will be presented following a Ladies Bike Ride (guys can tag along too) and guided tour of Women in Motion.

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