The Standard x LYNK Studio present, Shop Your Zodiac at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

 LYNK StudioThe Standard x LYNK Studio present, Shop Your Zodiac

Saturday, November 16th

12pm – 6pm

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 The Shop at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach
40 Island Ave

Join The Standard Spa, Miami Beach and LYNK Studio Saturday, November 16th for Shop Your Zodiac, a guided shopping experience through the star signs. From 12pm – 6pm in The Shop at The Standard Spa, Miami BeachLYNK Studio will present their thrifted collection categorized by zodiac sign, styling each guest to match their wardrobe to their Fire, Air, Water, or Earth sign.


Lori Bell, The Good Witch and The Standard’s very own in-house astrologer, will be on-site from 12pm-2pm, to teach guests everything they need to know about their sign. Complimentary celestial rosé will also be served, to enhance your spiritual shopping experience.


LYNK Studio is a women-led, creative powerhouse that evokes change in Miami through conscious consumption. The four founders take on the full creative direction in presenting their curated thrifted clothing. The brand aims to cultivate a unique, elevated experience and collaborate with local brands and spaces.

Step 1: Look to the stars and discover your birth chart by taking a quick interactive quiz to find your moon, sun, and everything in between. Step 2: Use your stellar stats to shop your sign. Our thrifted collection from LYNK Studio is organized by zodiac sign. Step 3: Look out of this world, cosmic being! Every purchase includes a complimentary zodiac spirit flower.


Style suggestions for each sign, courtesy of LYNK Studio:

Fire: Adventurous and pioneering, fire signs aren’t afraid to rock trendy, colorful styles but can also appreciate a tailored, classic cut.

Air: Two words to describe air signs: inventive & eloquent. Air signs can turn a fitted suit into something romantic and original.

Water: Water signs are magnetic & imaginative. They value authenticity and are able to express that through style.

Earth: Get you a sign who can do both. Earth signs are practical and warm-hearted and can throw on a colorful, girly set or a neutral crop top & pants.

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