“When I sat down with the team from Tequila Don Julio, they started telling me my same story, only theirs was about a man named Don Julio González who began making tequila back in 1942. His approach to making tequila was very much in line with my approach to making audio products – it’s an uncompromised dedication to the purest form of production.

The kind of audio equipment that I design requires a slow and purposeful process. There are no shortcuts in the way that I design and build audio equipment, just in the way that there are no shortcuts in the way that they produce tequila, we both place an extreme emphasis on the quality of core materials used. This precision and dedication is reserved for the highest level of craftsmanship. If something isn’t good in its most basic form, we aren’t going to just keep trying to modify it until it is good. We use only the best quality ingredients and make something that is pure and beautiful without having to doctor it.

In designing the Tequila Don Julio 1942 x OJAS speakers, we were inspired by the aesthetics of the iconic tall bottle. We chose a deep rich brown walnut veneer on the plywood in reference to the glass. All of the electronics have a copper top plate, which is rare due to the higher cost but again, our brands are all about the quality that goes into every step and this choice is good for sonics. The end result is a refined product crafted for the love of the experience.

Tequila Don Julio 1942 and OJAS have this shared background of creating these really high-end, high-energy nightlife moments. In partnering together our aim is to not only share but also to emphasize the refined nature of our crafts. A lot of people have likely discovered our products in a nightlife setting, but both are rooted in a more deliberate, connoisseur experience. This collaboration is about honoring and appreciating the craft that goes into our products, and we’re excited to share it with the world.”Devon Turnbull, Founder of OJAS

Taking inspiration from celebratory occasions of the brands, the Tequila Don Julio 1942 x OJAS collaboration features a large-format event speaker and perfectly crafted at-home speakers. The systems can provide intentional listening and sipping experiences, and also high energy moments inspired by the nightlife environment, where great music and luxury tequila come together to reign supreme. An extremely limited amount of the at-home Tequila Don Julio 1942 X OJAS Artbook Shelf Speakers will drop on OJAS.NYC on December 6th for an SRP of $5,250.

For more information on Tequila Don Julio, please visit www.DonJulio.com.

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