Sunset Islands, Miami Beach – An Introduction

One of the very finest areas in Miami is located on the western shoreline of Miami Beach. The Sunset Islands, which can be reached from North Bay Road at 20th St. and 29th St., are composed of predominantly single family homes, which are situated on both bay front as well as non-waterfront lots. There are four Sunset Islands on Miami Beach, appropriately named Sunset Island I and II, which can be reached from 29th St, and Sunset Island III, and IV, which are reachable from 20th St.

One of the primary reasons that Miami Beach’s Sunset Islands are so popular, is because of the fact that they are guard gated communities, which are located in the heart of Miami Beach, and are in close proximity to the beach, shopping of all kinds, and to Miami International Airport. The video below is an aerial tour of Sunset Island I, and adjacent North Bay Road.

Sunset Islands Aerial Tour – Miami Beach

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