Sound bites from the fourth episode of Sundance Channel’s original 12-part music series “Live From Abbey Road” airing on Friday, March 19 at 8PM ET/PT.  Below are excerpts from some of the all-star performers featured in this episode, including the bands Green Day, Bat For Lashes and Starsailor.   

Starsailor lead singer, James Walsh on sneaking in to meet the Rolling Stones while opening for them:

The best one for me was when [French President, Nicholas] Sarkozy came to Paris and all the [Rolling] Stone’s security were assigned to look after Sarkozy and make sure he could get in without seeing any public and because they [security] were all doing that, they weren’t keeping their eye on where the [Rolling] Stones dressing room was.  We ended up in the dressing room area with Mick [Jagger] and Keith [Richards] and Ronnie [Wood] and after all these weeks of people going nuts, ‘Man you can’t go anywhere near them, don’t even look at them,’ they [Rolling Stones]  were all just standing there saying ‘How’s it going?…Great!…Shall we?’

Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong on touring:

I love playing live in front of people, I always will love it whether its 400 people, 200 hundred people…it’s my DNA.

Green Day on their first visit to Abbey Road Studios:

Billie Joe Armstrong: On my twenty first birthday we came here [Abbey Road Studios], a long time ago…five years ago.

Mike Dirnt: We got a tour, you weren’t really supposed to get tours back then.  Somebody was working then, one of the interns let us in. Let us kind of sneak around, we hung out on the roof…got in trouble.

Bat For Lashes singer Natasha Kahn on the visual side of her music:

When I’m writing songs I’m always having a visual – like a film – running along side it.  I studied music with visual art so it was all combined and one entity really, so I don’t really ever separate the two things.  And music is obviously my primary love, but I think the whole visual thing is just a natural partner to it.”

Bat For Lashes singer Natasha Kahn on how she writes her music:

I pretty much start with the music. When I am writing a song and usually the lyrics they kinda answer to the music.  That’s sort of the response on how the music makes me feel. I try to come up with something interesting, if I can but sometimes it’s like pulling blood out of a stone.

Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong on selling out their tour dates:

We didn’t know if the shows were going to sell out or whatever, we haven’t been on the road for 3 ½ years.  It was exciting to hear about.

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