Steve Martorano

martoranoCelebrity chef Steve Martorano owns the successful restaurant brand Café Martorano, home of “the world’s best meatball,” according to Gourmet magazine.  Martorano recently released a new book entitled, Yo Cuz!: My Life, My Food, My Way, a rags-to-riches true-life tale spiced-up with delicious recipes, which is available at and through the Café Martorano website at Additionally, he produces his own line of Café Martorano Pasta Sauces and Wines, an online cooking series titled Yo Cuz!: The Italian-American Cook, a Yo Cuz! jewelry line and a Yo Cuz! apparel line available at select stores and on the Café Martorano website.  The multi-talented restaurateur has also appeared on national television programs such as Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best, The Real Housewives of Miami and more.

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