Royal Mansour Marrakech Announces Partnership with Christian Louboutin

Royal Mansour Marrakech unveils its new partnership with Christian Louboutin, coming together around both brands’ shared passions for travel, architecture, and craftmanship to create two new babouche slippers exclusively for the hotel. Produced in both a men’s and women’s style, the shoes are inspired by hotel details such as its intricate wooden lattice, silvery floral motifs, chiseled bronze, and horseshoe arches.  The slippers are available in the Royal Mansour boutique for 800 EUR (about $910 USD) for women and 500 EUR (about $570 USD) for men. 
The first slipper, The Lady Mansour, is a pointed-toe flat mule on a 10 mm heel inspired by Royal Mansour’s ornamental moucharabieh, a traditional architectural element of carved wood latticework. The shoes f

eature an abstract mosaic pattern in a mix of gold, white, and taupe tones, with each pair being perfectly symmetrical. A tribute to Christian Louboutin’s traditional atelier and the ancestral Moroccan savoir-faire, The Lady Mansour is finished with delicate laser-cut detailing on specchio leather.
Shaped as a classic loafer with black suspenders, the men’s slipper was inspired by traditional Moroccan sandals and offers the perfect balance between formal and casual wear. The summer-white cotton fabric is topped with a star referencing the Moroccan flag as well as a custom version of Christian Louboutin’s iconic écusson, updated with Royal Mansour’s own initials.
Both babouche slippers are available solely through the Royal Mansour boutique.
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