Racing Driver Valtteri Bottas Partners Up with Polar as Official Global Athlete

Racing Driver Valtteri Bottas Partners Up with Polar as Official Global Athlete

Polar, the pioneers behind the world’s first wearable heart rate measuring technology, announces its new partnership with championship racing driver Valtteri Bottas. The partnership between Polar and Bottas, an avid Polar user for years, officially brings the two legendary Finnish powerhouses together.

“My experience with Polar actually started with my parents,” says Valtteri Bottas. “Years ago, they gave me my first Polar watch as a gift to help me improve my training and performance, and I’ve never looked back,” Bottas adds. “Simply put, Polar offers the best in heart rate technology and accuracy, not to mention the incredible training and recovery features that bring so much insight into every aspect of my workouts. I’m really excited to finally make this relationship official.”

While the relationship between Polar and Bottas started as a gift several years ago, the official partnership developed quickly in recent months.

“As Valtteri’s training increases, the need for highly accurate performance and recovery analyses has increased as well,” says Bottas’ agent, Ville Ahtiainen. “So for us, partnering up with Polar was a no-brainer – this is what they do best. It’s fantastic to see two strong Finnish brands coming together for maximum performance.”

With the 2020 season gearing up to start, Bottas has been using his time to train, prepare and recharge before a busy schedule of travel and racing commences. Pushing his training even further, Bottas has been hiking and cycling his way through Finnish and French terrain with his new Polar Grit X, the outdoor multisport watch packed with loads of advanced training features.

“Valtteri is an incredible athlete and a shining example of why we do what we do here at Polar,” says Tomi Saario, CEO of Polar Electro. “As the company who started the whole sports wearable industry, our years of dedication to accuracy, science-based technology and ease of use are meant to help take people of all types – from professionals to occasional trainers – to the next level. Because of this focus and drive, Polar continues to be a force in the industry, and we’re thrilled to welcome a like-minded partner like Valtteri to the team.”

In recent years, Polar has introduced a robust suite of smart coaching features and products that span all levels of fitness, from everyday enthusiasts to professional athletes. Polar provides in-depth, accurate data spanning a variety of elements such as training load, recovery, running power, and sleep and simplifies it into personalized, actionable guidance. Polar’s comprehensive, easy-to-use workout analysis tools help anyone gain insight into their performance and meet their goals faster.

To learn more about Polar’s technology innovations and products, visit Follow Polar on Instagram at@PolarGlobal and Valtteri Bottas at @valtteribottas.

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