Victor G. Harvey of V.Georgio Vodka a Premier Guide Miami Exclusive

Victor G. Harvey

Businessman Victor G.Harvey and V.Georgio Vodka Take over Miami
By Veronika Pozmentier for Premier Guide Miami

It was the V.Georgio Vodka Takes Over Miami Grand Celebration at Fontainebleau Hotel & Resort on September 04th and the flyer invited to come celebrate with the world’s elite V Georgio Vodka*.

Victor G. Harvey Sr., Chairman and CEO of V.Georgio World Brands, Inc., was  here in person to welcome the V.I.P and his celebrities friends.

When I arrived at Blade Pool, Victor G Harvey was checking everything to be sure that the party and his high expectations in whatever he does would be fine specially after a big storm washed out the place and could have had the party cancelled.

Finally the V.Georgio Celebration could get started and in a very elegant white suit and red shirt Victor G Harvey welcomed me and leaded me to a cabana by the pool to start the interview.

PGM:  The slogan of V.Georgio vodka is ”The spirit of Ocean Drive” – what do you put behind this slogan?

VGH:  My office is in Miami, I live in Miami, I love Miami and my friends are in Miami, so the slogan reflects back all we like and all we gain from Miami. There is a lifestyle on Ocean Drive, a stylish sexy fun tropical hot atmosphere you find nowhere else in the world. My vodka is all about that for the world’s elite and is synonymous with luxury, elegance and class.

PGM:  A lot of hip-hop, music celebrities have been hired to represent beverages and vodka brand, was that the new trend you wanted to follow?

VGH: Entertainment industry can sometimes endorse everything but actually don’t do it! I am the only African-American in the world to own a liquor company, I am proud of this, this is hard work but it is fun. I also noticed that there was a void in the market for a new vodka to bring something new to the consumer in term of quality and taste of the beverage but also in term of ambiance and image.

PGM: Do you think your experience in the music industry, your background as a renown singer or as the owner of a records label helped you in this business and how?

VGH: What I learned from the entertainment industry is that you need to be surrounded with the best people to achieve your goals and success. For this new challenge I am working with the best people from my lawyer and business partner Scott Rothstein to the team at my distilleries/manufacturing facility in Charleston, North Carolina to the people who market the brand and organize the promotion and the events.

PGM: Beverages industry** and especially vodka market is absolutely incredible! Deals are enormous, everybody remembers the take over of a famous brand of vodka for 2.2 Billions Dollars in the late 90’s, how do you feel about that being a new comer on the market?

VGH: I know what deal you are referring to but unfortunately the founder-owner who sold his brand in this deal passed away, I am still alive and the future is full of opportunities for me. In any business you have to see times changing and be relevant to get to the top. We did not get into this business to be one more brand coming out: in the next five (5) years we will be number 1 in the market of the premier spirits industry.

PGM: Let’s get back to your first passion, music. Will you do something again in the music industry, Will you go back on stage one day and do you miss it?
VGH: Music is in my blood, I am an artist but I will never sing or get back on stage. However I am involved with a lot of artists I work with them, encourage them, help them with my experience, I work with a records label but no stage anymore.
PGM: VGeorgio World Brands, Inc is a conglomerate of luxury lifestyle products you have the beverages, an hotel in Negril, Jamaica, What else ? What are your next steps?

VGH: We are waiting for better economic times to expand our investments in the hotels industry, we have launched a line of candles called Scent by V.Georgio, a line of clothing  might be out soon also named V.Georgio clothing, we work on a spirit line such as tequilas, rum and cognac, however vodka is our present focus.

PGM: The party is getting started and your friends are waiting for you, Thank you very much for this exclusive interview and you taking some time out of the fun of this glamorous event.
Victor G.Harvey’ first hit in 1993 as singer Tai-Pan was “can’t stop it” and this is still accurate, the entrepreneur can’t stop working and building an international glamorous brand and when you are lucky enough to spend some times with him, as we where, you understand the passion, strength and charisma behind the entrepreneurial qualities.


*Victor G. Harvey’s new premium vodka line has a unique flavors and natural ingredients, all handcrafted by a master chef using the freshest fruits and all-natural ingredients, the dynamic line includes V. Georgio Signature Vodka, V. Georgio Acai, and V. Georgio V.I.P. you can find more on

** the 4 top beverages worldwide are in order of importance 1/Johnny Walker whisky  2/Rhum Bacardi 3/ Smirnoff vodka 4/ Absolut vodka
*** Vgeorgio Vodka by V Georgio Spirits Co. is distributed by Southern Wine and Spirits, the nation’s largest distributor of distilled spirits and is available at over 600 venues including

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