NEW Lune+Aster Liquid Liner WITHOUT Carbon Black

Dawn To Dusk Liquid Liner

In October, the brand will launch their first-ever liquid eyeliner with Dawn To Dusk Liquid Liner. This product has been in the works for a long time. Founder Marla Beck refused to launch a liquid liner made with carbon black, which is a common ingredient found in most liquid liner formulas linked to cancer + reproductive toxicity.


The Dawn To Dusk Liquid Liner delivers a bold impact and long-wearing formula with clean ingredients like coffee, tea and berries.


Lune+Aster® is vegan and gluten-free makeup for the woman on-the-go seeking minimal effort, maximum impact makeup solutions with easy application. Products are dermatologist tested, paraben and phthalate free, vitamin-infused, and are never tested on animals.


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