Nabisco One Direction North American Tour and Campaign Comes To Miami

  sweeps1 Nabisco One Direction North American Tour including Miami (June 14)

Getting in on the action of this summer’s hottest, sold-out concert isn’t as impossible as one might think; thanks to the makers of OREO, RITZ and TRIDENT. The title sponsor of the 2013 One Direction North American Tour and its show-stopping cookie, cracker and gum brands will be giving fans a chance to experience an “exclusive look” from the tour this summer – whether they’re in-concert or not – with a full-scale campaign. Today it kicks off with the announcement of the “1D VIP Tour Correspondent.” After a month-long, nationwide search, Kylie Keene of Portland, Maine was selected for 1D-nation’s most coveted job after proving to be the ultimate snack-loving, sweet-talking, socially-savvy candidate in a contest that generated mass excitement across 1D fan sites and social media communities.

Chipsahoy_960x587By choosing Keene as its tour correspondent, the makers of OREO, RITZ and TRIDENT continue their tradition of providing fans with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Starting in June on a new blog on, she will bring a “first look” at the tour through regular posts from the road, making stops in major cities with the Nabisco One Direction North American Tour including Miami (June 14), Philadelphia (June 25), Chicago (July 13), Dallas (July 22) and Los Angeles (August 9). In addition to sharing a fan’s-eye view of sold-out shows through photos and content from the tour, Keene will give visitors to the ultimate access to all aspects of the tour including interviews with concert-goers along with exclusive giveaways via weekly updates.

“It is incredible to see snacks and pop culture collide to satisfy the tastes of the people and engaging a fan to work on behalf of our brands in this capacity is a first for us. We couldn’t be more excited about sponsoring this tour and to have a correspondent bringing content to the masses makes it even better,” said Stephen Chriss, Senior Director, US Media and Consumer Engagement at Mondelez International. “Through Kylie, snack brands like OREO, RITZ and TRIDENT are able to shine brighter than they already do by delivering memorable experiences to millions in a way we couldn’t do with any typical tour sponsorship.”

Stealing The Show: From In-Store To In-Concert
The correspondent and 1DVIP blog are just pieces of the multi-faceted tour sponsorship that taps into both the snack culture and the hottest band in the country. This first of its kind execution pairs the best of the band with Nabisco brands at home, in-store and in-venue.Oreo_969x587

  • New Packaging. For the first time for any Nabisco brand, people will have the chance to access an augmented reality experience featuring the Band on more than 21 million specially-marked packages of OREO, CHIPS AHOY!, CHEESE NIPS, HONEY MAID Grahamfuls and RITZ Bitz. Each experience can be unlocked by downloading the 1D VIP app, pointing the mobile device at the package and scanning it to reveal a message from One Direction!
  • Mobile – 1D VIP App. Fans can download the free 1D VIP app at either the Apple or Google Play stores, snap a photo of their favorite snack package with a mobile device and unlock an exclusive experience featuring One Direction. Once the experience is opened, fans can continually check back for new content, such as voicemails from One Direction and a cyber-photo booth where fans can create images of themselves with the Band.
  • Fan Sweepstakes. One Direction fans can enter for a chance to win VIP concert tickets and private access to one of three concerts through or specially-marked packages of OREO, CHIPS AHOY!, RITZ, CHEESE NIPS and HONEY MAID. Check it out before entries close on July 7.
  • Showtime. For those lucky enough to have already scored a seat at one of the 35 tour stops, Nabisco will roll out the red carpet with in-venue exit sampling, never-before-seen videos shown during the concert and exclusive photo booth opportunities for attendees.
  • Along with the latest from the 1D VIP Tour Correspondent, the newly-launched website,, is the place to find summer-friendly recipes using Nabisco‘s beloved snack brands, tour news and video interviews featuring the band.
  • Media. With partnerships that engage fans where they are already socially active, the makers of OREO, RITZ and TRIDENT are sure to reach fans frequently in the digital and mobile space.
  • In-Store. More than 40 retailers nationwide will feature One Direction-inspired custom in-store displays; 21 million promotional packaging will be on shelves across the country; more than 48 million will be reached via FSIs; 20 thousand stores featuring shopper marketing activation along with in-store media activations; more than 15 thousand stores will include 1D floor graphics and shopping card advertising. sweeps2

“The One Direction tour campaign is one of the biggest U.S. integrated programs our collective brands have launched in recent years,” said Chriss. “With several ways that we’re reaching our consumers, not just at the concerts but well beyond, we’re giving a truly integrated experience that offers something for everyone – whether you’re a fan of 1D or a fan of one of our brands.”

A “First Look” At The 1D VIP Tour Correspondent
Hundreds of eager Nabisco fans and Directioners submitted videos and resumes highlighting the “One Thing” that made them the perfect person to land the dream job of tour correspondent. For Keene, it was her outgoing personality and passion that truly made her stand out above the rest.

“I have always loved sharing stories about my life experiences with others,” said Keene. “And, the chance to tell a story as cool as this in real-time is an incredible opportunity that I can’t wait to bring to people as I travel from city to city. I hope people who are as passionate about 1D and these snack brands as I am will share what they want to hear about on I’m ready to show them that ‘first look’ in a big way!”

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