mindfulCITY launches in South Florida

mindfulCITY.com is on a mission to improve the quality of lives amongst local residents. Launched in August 2011, mindfulCITY is the one and only wellness web portal of its kind in South Florida to offer its readers a directory of businesses merging traditional and non-traditional health and fitness platforms; as well as an events calendar, commerce council and e-bulletin designed to introduce and connect individuals to life enhancing services and resources.  While plenty of local websites and newsletters promote social, art, and cultural happenings; mindfulCITY has secured an untapped niche specializing in alternative, holistic, and spiritual realms. 

Katie Jane, the founder of mindfulCITY developed this community link to act as the “soul’s search engine,” where followers can attain enlightenment.  In this day and age, there is a stigma associated with Americans who tend to realize there is more to life than work.  A majority of individuals fail to understand the valued importance of improving their quality of life whether it’s through yoga, fitness classes, acupuncture, meditation or nutritional counseling.  Many don’t grasp the numerous opportunities to help them attain new levels of health and happiness after a long trying workday.  This is where mindfulCITY takes the reigns.  Their goal is to encourage men and women to make it a primary mission to put their livelihoods first and attain experiences of happiness, personal growth and increased awareness.

*According to a study in 2009 by Barbara Fredrickson, Ph.D., Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology in UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences and the principal investigator of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Laboratory, it stated that people who cultivate their life with frequent moments of positive emotions increase their resilience against challenges. After enduring months of endless research, Jane truly realized how difficult it was for others to find a harmonious balance in their personal and professional life.  “I want to help people appreciate the finer moments in life before they are caught saying ‘I wish” or ‘what if.’  I want to point individuals in the direction of a positive outlet that will ignite their inner spirit and free up some of their daily stress,” says Jane.

mindfulCITY subscribership is absolutely free.  Simply sign up and you’ll receive a wealth of information every Thursday in the mindfulMINUTE, an e-bulletin filled with weekly events filled with peace, fun, connection and discovery in your own backyard.  mindfulCITY also offers a Commerce Council designed to build and strengthen the bonds between the purveyors of South Florida’s leading alternative health and wellness centers, so they can share their business knowledge, discuss their needs and create partnership referral systems.  Currently the Commerce Council joins together every month at various health centric locations.
In February 2012, mindfulCITY initiated a new campaign, the mindfulMOVEMENT to stay true to the company’s integrity and quality for all of its viewers.  Members of the South Florida community and mindfulCITY followers can become mindful sponsors and contribute five dollars to help it maintain its status as a sustainable business by promoting events and services that people love.  As followers and businesses donate proceeds, the quality content site will grow rapidly and ultimately reach its long-term goal of expanding to various cities nationwide.
Additionally, mindfulCITY has sponsored events such as Go Green Fashionista & Expo by Fashion Designers Expo, Grassroots Music and Dance Festival, Earth Dance, and Sunday Sangha at the Viceroy Hotel and Spa.  mindfulCITY also takes great pride in partnering with businesses and corporations such as Exhale Spa, and Whole Foods among others.
mindfulCITY was founded with a vision to help individuals engage in their passions, improve their health and live fulfilled by connecting them to life enhancing experts and experiences in the areas of wellness, spirituality and creative expression.  

For more information on mindfulCITY, please call 305.310.7559 or visit www.mindfulCITY.com.

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