Miami Motel Stories: North Beach Presented by Perrier® In partnership with Ocean Terrace Holdings

Miami-Motel-NOBEJuggerknot Theatre Company, the creators of Miami Motel Stories are back!  The team will take up residence from Feb. 8-29 at the Broadmoor Hotel, 7450 Ocean Terrace to tell the history of North Beach through the eyes of its residents. Miami Motel Stories is proud to announce their presenting partner – the iconic water brand Perrier®.

Through an immersive theatrical experience, Miami Motel Stories will share personal stories of the people who lived, worked, and made significant contributions to North Beach– and her ever-changing landscape. Resident playwright Juan C. Sanchez works alongside community partners, HistoryMiami and community players to tell the authentic story of Miami’s neighborhoods- past, present, and future.

Said Sanchez, “As a playwright, my goal is to give voice and tell the stories of the people who lived or worked there. My research has led me to meeting and speaking with a wide variety of people who left their mark on the 24 blocks that make up the neighborhood: domestic workers, squatters, snow birds, observant Jews, the Mob, the very wealthy of Normandy Isle, Biscayne Point and La Gorce and the community’s newest residents seeking refuge from violence in their home country.”

Unlocking these stories, directed by NYC-based immersive theatre directors Tai Thompsonand Ana Margineanu, will be four keys Blue, Orange, Pink and Yellow. Each key will uncover the several layers and changes in the neighborhood, from the 1920s onward, touching upon her many incarnations.

Awarded a prestigious Knight Arts Challenge grant, Juggerknot Theatre Company has created real-time immersive theatre experiences set in site-specific locations that tell the stories of Miami’sdeveloping neighborhoods. In 2017, Juggerknot Theatre launched Miami Motel Stories: Little Havana, followed by Miami Motel Stories: MiMo, and Miami Motel Stories: Wynwood.

“The Juggerknot team is honored to have Miami Motel Stories written by Juan C. Sanchezrecognized by the Carbonell committee. Through our work with immersive theatre we hope to better connect our communities while highlighting Miami’s rich multicultural landscape. We can’t thank Miami enough for allowing us to tell her story,” said Juggerknot Theatre Company executive director, Tanya Bravo.

“Ocean Terrace Holdings is committed to preserving the heritage that existed in the 1950’s and 60’s along upper Collins Avenue and Ocean Terrace, and is looking to the past to inspire our future redevelopment plans for the block,” said Sandor Scher of Ocean Terrace Holdings. “Miami Motel Stories: North Beach is the perfect opportunity to share our neighborhood’s story and provide the community a venue to engage in this unique immersive theatrical experience, while underscoring our commitment to promoting the arts.”

Sponsored by: Ketel One and Café La Llave

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