Miami Florida – A Wonderful Place To Live

So much has been said about Miami. It is undeniably a wonderful place to live, and Miami Beach is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Miami area has its own unique international flavor. It’s January now and the weather is warm and mild with temperatures in the 70s. People can be seen at the beaches, or at the pools of the many hotels and luxury condos in Miami Beach.

The Miami area includes a number of cities and communities, and the City of Miami is the second-largest city in Florida, with a population of 386,417 as of 2005.

The Miami Beach area is comprised of a number of communities and small cities, a few of which are the Sunset Islands, La Gorce Island, Indian Creek, Star Island, Palm and Hibiscus Islands, the Venetian Islands, Bal Harbour, and Bay Harbor Island.

The City of Miami Beach was incorporated on March 26, 1915. As of the census taken in 2005, the population of Miami Beach was 87,295, and the city occupies an area of 18.7 square miles. Miami-Dade County Public Schools serves the city of Miami Beach. There are six public schools which serve the Miami Beach community.

Real estate in the Miami area is some of the most desirable in the world, and in comparison to cities like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Greenwich, or New York, homes and condominiums are still undervalued in Miami. The consensus among luxury realtors in Miami Beach is that the real estate market will begin to turn in the next year or so, and at that time it may not be quite as easy to make as great a deal on a home purchase as one can make right now.

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