Malcolm Jamal Warner Shuts Down Rumors of Engagement to Regina King @MalcolmJamalWar

Emmy nominated actor, Malcolm Jamal Warner who played Theo Huxtable on the classic television comedy, The Cosby Show will join the cast of NBC’S comedy series Community. Malcolm is slated to play the love interest and ex-husband of Shirley played by Yvette Nicole Brown.

“Asian Population Studies”
Airdate: 1/20/11

THE STUDY GROUP DEBATES WHETHER TO ADD NEW MEMBERS – SHIRLEY REUNITES WITH HER ERRANT EX HUSBAND AND HAS SOME IMPORTANT NEWS – MALCOLM JAMAL WARNER GUEST STARS AND JOHN OLIVER REPRISES HIS ROLE AS PROFESSOR DUNCAN — Annie (Alison Brie) returns from spring break to find that her crush “Rich” (Greg Cromer “Justified”), the Dr., has enrolled at Greendale Community College, sparking a heated debate about whether to add Rich and/or Senor Chang to the study group. Shirley’s (Yvette Nicole Brown) ex-husband Andre (Malcolm Jamal Warner, “True Blue”) is back in the picture and Shirley has some big news for everyone. Joel McHale, Chevy Chase, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Donald Glover and Ken Jeong also star.

In our conversation, Malcolm spoke briefly on his role on Community, was extremely tight lipped on future projects and dispelled rumors of engagement to live-in girlfriend, Regina King.

Malcolm, you’re playing the ex-husband on Community, how do you feel about that, and Yvette campaigning for you to join the series?

Malcolm Jamal Warner: Well, I know – I feel like I owe Yvette a commission check. No, it’s actually been a good time because I watched the show and, all the actors have such a great report off camera that it’s a really cool place to come to work.

So you’re excited to join the cast you’re saying?

Malcolm Jamal Warner: Yeah, oh yeah. We’re having a good time.

So tell me a little bit about the reunion between Andre and Shirley?

Malcolm Jamal Warner: You can guarantee that Andre is not necessarily very welcomed by the rest of the gang.

Malcolm, Shirley’s about to make a big announcement, is there any announcement that you’d like to share with us in regards to you and Regina?

Malcolm Jamal Warner: No, unfortunately not – there was a rumor that National Enquirer and kind of ran away with. But that was something that was basically was very definitively rumored.

Malcolm, apart from the series that you’re doing, is there anything that you’re doing that you’d like to share with us for the future?

Malcolm Jamal Warner: Not just yet. I think it might be a little to premature just yet.

*****Warner continues to achieve success in acting and directing, but also receives accolades as a poet and bass player in his jazz-funk band Miles Long.  The band has performed at several major jazz festivals including the Playboy Jazz Festival and at the historic Apollo Theater.  Miles Long has two CDs – The Miles Long Mix Tape and Love and Other Social Issues.

By_Daedrian McNaughton

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