Lisa Blue Swimwear Fashion Show

Model Donna Feldman

Swimwear designer Lisa Burke, founder and creator of Lisa Blue Swimwear, will be hosting her first ever solo fashion show in the US for Miami Swim Week, which takes place July 16th – 19th, 2011. Many anxiously await to see Lisa Blue’s new collection, which has been inspired by Aboriginal designs to fashion forward prints, debut on the catwalk. The collection showcases many stunning designs in an array of colors, promising to evoke the desire to make a mad dash to the beach.

Springing from the renowned coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia, Lisa Blue brings unique, beautiful swimwear to the world. Contrary to the allegations against her, designer Lisa Burke’s swimwear label Lisa Blue was born out of a love of conservation, spirituality and a respect for all people. She has a passion for whale and dolphin conservation in Australia. Pledging 25% of her profits to helping save the whales and dolphins, the label is Burke’s way of doing something for the environment after a life-changing experience with a humpback whale. The money is donated to the Australian Whale Conservation Society ( Using stunning, high quality fabric
imported from Italy, Lisa Blue swimwear is made in Australia. With designs ranging from striking authentic, Australian Aboriginal style prints to hot, sexy galactic inspired pieces, Lisa Blue compliments everyone.

As a former model and single mother of two boys, Burke’s background led her to starting the Lisa Blue label during 2008. Over the years, Burke’s has had the opportunity to travel and study in various locations. It is these rich experiences that continue to inspire Burke as she draws on her past and looks to the future in developing each collection. Launching the Lisa Blue brand enabled Burke to pursue her dream of raising funds to assist in protecting the gentle and helpless sea mammals.

The 2012 Lisa Blue collection embodies stories that speak to many styles and flatters every figure. In her Galactic stories theme, Lisa uses metallic panels of gold and silver, as well as studded patterns on stylish, super sleek body suits that are sure to turn heads in the Galactic Princess and Galactic Warrior pieces. The collection’s artistic Galactic Et Angel evokes a dreamy and ethereal look by mixing beautiful blues, turquoise and indigo pink. With the Cherry Blossom story, Lisa Blue draws on a sophisticated look with two prints, a sleek black version and the other a deep ocean blue. Elegant, classy and delicate, this story offers cuts ranging from modest to sexy. The
striking Golden Eve print is unique in that it mixes the tribal look with gold foil highlighting the colour of chocolate mixed with red, orange and yellow shells. The Sunrise print’s tiny dots in bright, warm colours on shiny lycra gives the illusion that the fabric is silk. Finally, Lisa Blue’s Turquoise Delight story offers a trendy, cool, earthy version of the attractive tribal print.

Due to popular demand, Lisa has revisited the centuries old art theme of the great Masters to create yet another striking story of wearable art. With this story, Lisa places Romantic era paintings on swimwear pieces to create the beautiful story of Divinity and evoke feelings of enchantment. This feminine, sensual and dreamy series includes depictions of John Waterhouse’s painting of ‘A Mermaid’ (1901), Adolphe William Bouguereau’s ‘The Abduction of Psyche’ (1895), and Edward Burne-Jones’ ‘Cupid and Psyche’ (1865).

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Lisa Blue is a pioneer in combining beautiful fashion together with a cause to help preserve our marine life. Lisa Blue reflects the inner beauty of the modern girl who cares to make a difference. This is the way of the future.

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