Kuten La, The Nechung State Oracle of Tibet @dalaiLama

The Oracle
Conversation with the State Oracle of Tibet, Kuten La
Tuesday, Oct 13th, 2009 – Setai Hotel 8pm
Marie-Junie Pierre
Photo by: Winston Delawar

FUNKSHION Fashion Week Miami officially kicked off at the Setai Hotel on Tuesday October 13th, 2009, with the presence of Honored Guest, Kuten La, a Buddhist monk known as The State Oracle of Tibet and the Deputy Minister of the Government in Tibet in Exile. Kuten La presented every guest of the night with personal blessings as well as a Kurta, a ribbon like scarf, which brings good luck and special blessings to its recipient. Following the blessings and an electric performance by Indi sensation Ska, Tibetan clothing line, Norbulingka with Love conducted a fashion show unlike any other seen in the United States. The show itself exhibited models of all ages, ethnicities and sizes. The pieces shown ranged from hand stitched accessories to one size fit all evening wear, as well as high fashion looks that one can take from casual wear to haute couture in the blink of an eye. The line also included luxurious and rare Yak made in the Himalayas by hand as well as sparkly sari which lit up the runway with incredible sparkle and shine. Premier Guide Miami’s Marie Junie Pierre had a chance to conduct a one on one interview with The State of Oracle of Tibet, Kuten La at the end of this remarkable event.

PGM: I know that your mission here tonight is to raise funds for the construction of a temple in Tibet. First of all, how was the fashion show tonight?

KL: The Fashion Show was wonderful.

PGM: Do you think that tonight’s show was successful as far as the funds that were raised?

KL: We’re not really sure as far as our efforts towards the center but so far it’s been fine.

PGM: Was this your first fundraising activity in the United States?

KL: We’ve been to L.A., New York as well as Portland.

PGM: How do think the public has responded to those programs?

KL: I think all of the programs have been very well received and I have personally enjoyed them.

PGM: What is the ultimate purpose of your trip here?

KL: The main purpose of my trip here is really to meet people and to share with them ways to increase love, kindness, passion and to cultivate altruism and bring about good will between different people of the world. That is really the main effort.

PGM: I think that’s amazing. The world definitely needs more altruism and kindness. Going along with the idea of altruism and kindness, President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize on October 9th, of this year for his efforts towards promotion of peace around the world. How do you feel about that?

KL: I was actually in Portland when President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize and I congratulated him in a speech that I was giving at a church there because I think it’s really a distinguishing honor for a sitting President to receive the Nobel Peace Prize and to really make the most of such a prize and to also act in the same way to promote peace among all people in the world..

PGM: Premier Guide Miami certainly applauds all of your efforts and wishes you the best in your fundraising efforts and hopes you enjoy the rest of your visit here.

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