John Noble – Fringe Mad Scientist #JohnNoble @FringeonFOX

Australian born actor, John Noble is internationally known for his role as Denethor in The Lords of the Rings Trilogy. Noble is now a regular on FOX television series, Fringe who plays the role as scientist Walter Bishop.

Walter Bishop is a former government researcher into fringe science with a recorded I.Q. of 196. He was institutionalized after a lab accident which resulted in manslaughter charges. Having been locked up for 17 years in Saint Claire’s, a mental institute, Walter often expresses wonder at modern technology, and seems to be disconnected from the world, sometimes leaving his son to decode his rantings for others. He often says things which seem so obvious that no one else wants to say (or thinks necessary) and tends to burst into song while working, as he believes it helps him think. He is also known to eat or drink while working on a body, no matter how disgusting everyone else thinks it is. He seems to derive joy from both these quirks. He is the archetypal mad scientist.

In a recent conversation with John, he shared his excitement on having Christopher Lloyd as a guest star and musical idol on the series.

John Noble: I was excited to have Christopher join us; he was one of my heroes anyways. When I heard Christopher Lloyd was coming on, it was like a dream come true, and of course to have him play the musician – a creation of ours, it made it more interesting. We had an amazing time – just having these two old guys reminiscing was amazing. It has been a really wonderful opportunity for us.

Daedrian McNaughton

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