IT’SUGAR Holiday Gift Items: Freeze Dried Treats, Candy Charcuterie Kit, Cozy Pillows, and More

Candy Charcuterie Kit
Candy Charcuterie Kit

With the holiday season upon us, IT’SUGAR, one of the largest specialty candy retailers in the U.S.,  is thrilled to introduce its holiday must-haves that are sure to sweeten the festivities and bring a smile to every face. With a unique blend of pop culture and sugar, the beloved brand’s innovative holiday gifts range from delectable Freeze-Dried Treats to irresistible Holiday Pillows.  Below is a list of items exclusively found at IT’SUGAR:


Freeze-Dried Treats – TikTok’s Favorite Candy Classics

If you’ve been keeping an eye on TikTok, you’ve likely seen the trend of freeze-dried candy classics. IT’SUGAR is proud to offer its own collection of these unique and delightful treats. Experience your favorite candies in a whole new way as their flavors intensify and textures transform through the freeze-drying process. It’s a TikTok sensation that you can savor this holiday season. Price: $9.99 or 3 for $25


Candy Charcuterie Kit – The Ultimate Holiday Delight

Imagine a holiday centerpiece that’s as delicious as it is eye-catching. Make your guests go crazy at your next party with this charcuterie assortment. This candy charcuterie kit includes all the assorted candy needed to make a sweet masterpiece – gummy bears, peach rings, sour worms, red licorice wheels, gummy fish, blue raspberry and rainbow sour belts. It’s perfect for candy-lover gatherings or pre-party snacking. Includes – 25 oz. of candy. Product dimensions – 7.88″ L x 2.13″ W x 7″ H. Board not included. Price: $19.99.


Holiday Pillow Collection – Snuggle Up in Sweet Style

‘Tis the season to get cozy, and IT’SUGAR’s exclusive Holiday Pillow Collection ensures that you do so in sweet style. The irresistible selections include:

  • SOUR PATCH KIDS Holiday Pillow: Embrace the holiday spirit with the exclusive SOUR PATCH KIDS Pillow. Unzip this plush pillow to discover five adorable SOUR PATCH KIDS plush toys. Size: Pillow measures 10″ W x 17″ H. Price: $39.99.
  • OREO Pillow: Dive into nostalgia with the OREO Cookie Pillow. Just open the “sleeve” to reveal five removable cookie plushes. Size: Pillow measures 10″ W x 17″ H. Price: $39.99.
  • Nerds Rainbow Pillow: Add a pop of color to your holidays with the Nerds Pillow. Unzip this plush pillow to find 5 removable Nerds mini plush characters in various colors. Size: Measures 15 1/2″ W x 9 1/2″ H. Mini plush measures 5″ tall. Price: $39.99.
  • Trolli Pillow: For fans of the weirdest and wildest candy, the Trolli Pillow and Mini Plush come together to bring a touch of whimsy to your festivities. Unzip this plush pillow to reveal four Trolli plush worms. Size: Pillow measures 10″ W x 17″ H. Price: $39.99.

Schweddy Balls – SNL Candy Box: A Hilarious Holiday Tribute

Inspired by the legendary SNL skit “Pete’s Famous Schweddy Balls”, IT’SUGAR’s Schweddy Balls Candy Box pays homage to a comedic classic that’s perfect for the holiday season. Filled with sweet and savory treats that mirror the hilarity of the sketch, this candy box is a must-have for anyone with a sense of humor and a sweet tooth. Price: $15.99.


Jingle Bearies – Festive Gummy Bears for All Ages

Add a burst of holiday cheer to your celebrations with IT’SUGAR’s Jingle Bearies. These festive gummy bears come in holiday-themed colors that are sure to be a hit with all ages. Whether you’re snacking by the fire or using them as sweet decorations, Jingle Bearies bring a touch of joy to every holiday moment. Price: $9.99.

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