Introduction to Dehydration with Living Food Chef Tom Frazier

Sunday, November 4th, 12 noon-2pm


This introduction to dehydration is a demonstration that features living plant-based foods that support an alkaline forming diet.


Going beyond using dehydration as a way to just preserve single foods for later blending, Chef Frazier shares the many techniques and flavors he has discovered in his 17 years of experience to make nutritious and tasty, yet simple and cost effective live food snacks.


If you are looking for a few basic tips and techniques or are ready to dive into more involved recipes you will find what you are looking for in this drying class.


We will use pure, whole, un-processed plant-based ingredients and minimally process them to maintain their fresh picked, nutrient dense features.  The end result will be great tasting, enzymatically intact snacks that are also appealing to the eyes.


At this class we will use a variety of seeds, nuts, fruits, edible flowers or veggies for our crunchy, chewy, savory and even sweet creations.  We then will sample our finished products that can include Kale Chips, veggie crackers, trail mixes, food bars, desert items, etc.


This workshop is intended for teens and adults.  Advanced hands-on workshops will also be offered. Workshops are limited to 20 participants.


Paradise Farms Organic | | Homestead | FL | 33030

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