Get the Look: Perfect Beach Waves


We’ve spent all spring getting our bodies beach ready, now it’s time to focus on our hair. Often after taking a dip in the ocean, we try to hold on to the gorgeous, natural-looking tousled waves, only to lose this style after our hair dries. Well, now you can maintain this natural look even when the humidity and temperatures continue to rise.

This natural yet chic look can be accomplished using SHE by SO.CAP.USA’s Argan For You Curling Cream. The enriching wellness cream is specifically formulated with Argan Oil and Hairdensyl Complex (a powerful complete marine & botanical infusion with multi-functional properties to restore health, manageability and strength to thin or weak hair) The leave-in treatment has powerful anti-frizz properties and a high dose of moisture to aid in holding curls – perfect for getting just the right style.

Simple steps to help get the beach wave look in no time:

Step 1: Prep Your Hair
· Make sure your hair is damp and finger-comb so it’s a bit messy

Step 2: Apply the Product
· Once you’ve run your fingers through your damp hair (remember, not to dry and not too damp) apply a pea size amount of SHE by SO.CAP.USA’s Argan For You Curling Cream.

Step 3: Scrunch Your Hair
· Take 1-inch sections of hair and scrunch a couple times to prompt the waves.
· Next, take 1-inch sections of hair and pin them up using bobby pins. Let them set for a half hour before removing bobby pins.

Step 4: Shake Your Hair
· Remove the pins then flip your head upside-down to shake it out and scrunch your hair one last time (This will give your hair volume and body)
· Flip your hair up and give a couple more squirts of hair spray to finish off your beach hair look.

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