FGO Presents: “The Consul” Sunday Matinee Premiere

FGO Presents: "The Consul" Sunday Matinee Premiere

FGO’s Sunday Matinee

Starts @ 2PM EDT!

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Don’t forget to turn on “Subtitles/closed captions” to get the most out of your FGO GO experience!

The Consul was Gian Carlo Menotti’s first full-length opera and widely considered his best work. The piece premiered during the Cold War but is still as relevant today. Enjoy this “must-see” opera that has been performed in theaters from La Scala, running for nearly 8 months straight on Broadway! A truly amazing opera, The Consul later went on to win a Pulitzer Prize for Music, a Tony Award, and a NY Drama Critics’ Circle Award for Best Musical.

A devoted wife collides with the bureaucracy of a police state while trying to obtain an exit visa for her family.

Set in Europe, John has fled his country, which is under a dictatorship, to save his life, and wants his wife, Magda, his baby, and his mother to join him. Magda is frustrated by the red tape at the consul’s office and her inability to see him. When John returns home, he discovers that Magda is dead, and he is arrested by the secret police. The suspenseful opera will surprise you with several magical touches and a melodic score in which love, hope, and redemption all play their part.


John Sorel
Keith Phares

Magda Sorel
Kara Shay Thomson

The Secretary
Carla Jablonski

The Mother
Victoria Livengood

The Secret Police Agent
Tyler Simpson

The Magician
Jason Ferrante

Mr. Kofner
Chance Eakin

The Foreign Woman
Betsy Diaz

Anna Gomez
Rebecca Henriques

Vera Boronel
Kirsten Scott

Isaac Bray

The Voice
Hailey Clark

Andrew Bisantz

Stage Director
Julie Maykowski

Seattle Opera

Many of you have done so already, but while you wait for the performance on Sunday, we encourage you to check out your own personal YouTube tutorial featuring Studio Artist, Rafael Porto. This will be a short and fun video where you can double check your account settings, learn how to access the Opera Chat feature, explore our YouTube channel including the FGO GO Concerts, and so much more!

This performance will be available until June 21, 2020.

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