Dwyane Wade Gets Lasik Procedure

Following the visit of his girlfriend, Gabrielle Union, to have her Lasik procedure done with the same surgeon earlier this year, Miami HEAT superstar, Dwyane Wade, made a visit yesterday to have his long overdue Lasik procedure with “Surgeon to the Stars” Dr. Cory Lessner at Millennium Laser Eye Centers in Sunrise, FL.

Dwyane Wade & Dr Cory LessnerWade commented after the surgery:  “It’s actually an amazing experience and nothing to be scared of.  My eyes are getting a lot better by the minute.  Dr. Lessner’s professionalism is second-to-none and he really takes care of you.  The result is awesome.  I would recommend having it done to everyone.”

Dr. Cory Lessner, owner and medical director of Millennium Laser Eye Centers, commented after the procedure: “Here is a professional athlete at the top of his game who like so many others we’ve treated at Millennium over the years had less than perfect vision but were able to ‘get by’ without contacts or glasses. Having cared for a number of his friends and family members, Dwyane approached me because he was not entirely happy with his vision. His procedure went like clockwork. We’re extremely honored that Dwyane entrusted us with his precious eyesight. It’s hard to imagine that he can be a better ball player, but it is our hope that he will find this newfound clarity an asset to his performance. You’ll have to ask him down the road if he believes that it helped his game.”

Dwyane Wade

Dr. Cory Lessner’s practice, Millennium Laser Eye Centers, based in Sunrise, Florida, is the leading laser vision correction practices in the country.  Dr. Cory Lessner, is one of the nation’s leading practitioners in the field of LASIK and laser vision correction with more than 19 years experience and 25,000 successful surgeries undertaken on some of today’s leading celebrities and sports personalities, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Gabrielle Union, Rex Lee (Entourage), Ryan Cabrera, Ken Baumann, Chris Volstad, Josh Johnson, Roberto Luongo, David Booth, Jeff Conine, Ronnie Brown, Channing Crowder, Jimmy Johnson, A.J. Burnett, Randy McMichael, Wade Smith and Wally Ogunleye, to name a few.  Visit www.havelasik.com for more information.


photo credit:  Ralph Notaro/NDM Images

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