Inaugural ‘Talents’ section will support emerging designers from ideation through to production

Forum talks programme ‘The Circular Economy’ will feature over 40 Chinese and international speakers including Tom Dixon and Philippe Starck

In partnership with Audi, Design Shanghai 2020 will take place from 26th to 29th November at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre. In addition to more than 400 participating brands, this year’s Design Shanghai will introduce a range of special features and present a substantial live Forum talks programme that straddles both physical and digital.

Zhuo Tan, Director of Design Shanghai, comments, “Every year Design Shanghai works with leading designers, creative studios and lifestyle brands to create numerous experiences including large-scale installations and design projects. This year, we have moved to a larger venue therefore have a bigger stage. The Special Features are meant to be a platform for the design community to exchange ideas and to foster collaborations so that we can contribute to the future of design with joint efforts.”


Audi will present “Window into the Future”. The installation forms a multifaceted setting for Audi’s Q4 e-tron concept, epitomizing the brand’s vision of a tangible harmony between sustainability and electric driving excitement.

“There has never been a more exciting time to be a car designer. Right now is the best time to rethink and reconceive automobile design – in short, to take car design into the future.” Marc Lichte, Head of Audi Design.


Work by Anne Zhou
Work by Anne Zhou
Work by Doris Wang
Work by Doris Wang

The inaugural Talents section is curated by Frank Chou, founder of Frank Chou Design Studio. It is intended to support the development of young designers and is committed to creating practical design solutions with a global vision as well as localized executions. Talents will focus more on the designers themselves, sharing information on supply chains and manufacturers and imparting them with communication and marketing tools. Talents aims to break down boundaries and establish a transparent evaluation system in order to provide guidance at an early development stage for young Chinese designers so that they can thrive in a more sustainable way. The 8 designers participating in Talents come from different backgrounds and they are KAE Studio, Huang Zixin, Doris Wang from Dorisofia Studio, Wang Yunhan from Cosi Design Studio, Anne Zhou, Cui Zhihua, Chen Danqi, Zhou Changwei and Wu Hai.


OCTAGON by Tom Dixon
OCTAGON by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon will present an installation called “OCTAGON”, created against the backdrop of the global pandemic and its effect on people’s lives and businesses. Themed “Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow”, the installation is inspired by the modules used by nomadic circuses for touring performances in which eight sides of glass cabinets display a variety of products. Designer Tom Dixon remarks, “We have a challenging journey ahead and the obstacles will be there. We have always wanted the Chinese audience to know more about our story, and I think this is the time to demonstrate the innovative and pioneering spirit of the brand.”

RONG-Coloring Design Exhibition & UGAN CONCEPT

Rong, which means to melt in Chinese, is an exhibition that takes place every five years. Curated by PINWU and Rong Design Library founder Zhang Lei, the project aims to deconstruct traditional Chinese handicrafts then integrate them into contemporary design, creating a design language which encapsulates the old and the new.

Colouring Process for Rong Design Library
Colouring Process for Rong Design Library

The exhibition takes place in two parts with the theme “Chinese Colouring” and illustrates the process from material research to design creation. In the first part, more than 300 material samples are used to demonstrate traditional Chinese colouring techniques and the research on colour application. In the second part, based on traditional craftsmanship, 18 designers are invited to presented works based on the research and their respective expertise in the past year. The participants are Cai Wei, Cao Jing, Huang Huizhen, Tang Weikun, Xu Gang, Huang Shiya, Luo Daishi, Qian Jing, Shi Tianyi, Jiang Yuxue, Wang Shuo, Zhong Lei, Xin Yaoyao, Zhang Zhekai, Wang Keren, Yuan Yuan, Baige, Li Jiaxin .



The boundaries between art, craft and design have become increasingly blurred. In this context, industrial designer Chen Min presents “Neobject” to showcase works by artists, craftspeople, designers, brands and pioneers in various fields that challenge the definitions of art, craft and design.


Design Shanghai and Neuni have joined forces to establish the New Materials Design and Application Awards this year, sponsored by the material brand Burgeree, aiming to bridge the gap between new material development and the application of these materials. The award has sent an open call for designers and companies to find the latest materials in industries ranging from fashion, interiors, product design, automotive and architectural design. The jury panel includes David Morcarski, Felix Moesner, Wolfram Putz, Shaway Yeh, Hanne-Louise Johannesen & Michel Guglielmi, Kristine Upesleja along with Lyla Wu, CEO at Neuni Group. The award will be given to designers who break through the limits of material performance and innovation and create sustainable solutions for existing problems. The finalists and award-winning products and materials will all be presented at Design Shanghai 2020.

Booth Mockup of Neuni’s New Materials Design and Application Hall
Booth Mockup of Neuni’s New Materials Design and Application Hall



The Mega Chandelier is a custom-made lighting composition made of a unique selection of lamps from the Moooi collection, an explosion of beauty and creativity in the classic form of a chandelier. This Mega Chandelier is made specifically for Design China Shanghai and consists of 50 elements, creating one grand explosion of light.

Mega Chandelier by Moooi Works
Mega Chandelier by Moooi Works


Mario Tsai Studio will bring an installation titled “Colosseum”. Inspired by the ancient Roman architecture, the installation is made of Mazza light 3.0 as pillars that change based on music and a mirror as the bottom structure. Visitors can walk between the inner and outer rings.

Rendering of ‘Colosseum’, an immersive lighting installation by Mario Tsai Studio
Rendering of ‘Colosseum’, an immersive lighting installation by Mario Tsai Studio


French interior designer Baptiste Bohu believes that “Design is a kind of cultural exchange. Combining styles, art, crafts, knowledge and technology from different countries will lead to unexpected effects.” Inspired by the ancient Silk Road, a key route connecting the Asian and European continents which facilitated trade and cultural exchange for centuries, Bohu utilises products from various brands to install a classic apartment interior echoing the magnificent mix of cultures of an ancient time.

Rendering of a room set for ‘The Silk Road Hotel’ by Baptiste Bohu
Rendering of a room set for ‘The Silk Road Hotel’ by Baptiste Bohu


House of Wang, a newly opened lifestyle boutique in Beijing, has invited British designer Lee Broom, recipient of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, to debut a light installation called “Kaleidoscopia II”. Broom wraps his iconic lighting products such as Chamber, Orion, Fulcrum, Eclipse, Mini Crescent and Carousel with reflective surfaces within a dark space, creating an immersive and dazzling environment for visitors to experience.


YANG HOUSE returns this year and will present a series of new products, including aromatherapy series, time container and the air series. In particular, the air series sofa is made of elastic and lighweight white fiber materials through a 3D cutting and weaving process. YANG DESIGN will also release the “China Design Trends Report” at Design Shanghai for the 6th consecutive year. YANG DESIGN has partnered with material brands such as DuPont™ Tyvek®, RAL, and Renolit to transform their findings into a physical exhibtition, elucidating how recent design trends influence the design industry in China.

Air Series Sofas by Yang House
Air Series Sofas by Yang House


The carpet manufacturer Fuli collaborates with set designer Marcel Van Doorn on a new series, drawing inspiration from theKinooni House, one of the most ancient palaces on the historic Lamu Island, a UNESCO world heritage site on the east coast of Kenya. The Kinooni Dialogue series borrows from the Swahili stucco wall decorative elements of the palace for both the wall embroidery as well as the carpets.

A wall embroidery and carpet, part of the Kinooni Dialogue series  by Fuli Carpets and Marcel Van Doorn
A wall embroidery and carpet, part of the Kinooni Dialogue series
by Fuli Carpets and Marcel Van Doorn


The Design Shanghai Forum theme this year is Design Completes the Circle, with both Chinese and international speakers who are working towards a circular economy with mindful design. Li Xiang of X-Living, Jamy Yang of YANG HOUSE, Steven Smit of MVRDV and Lyla Wu of Neuni Group are among the speakers on-site. Chi Wing Lo, Philippe Starck, Kelly Hoppen, Barber Osgerby and Studio Lotus will be sharing their thoughts via pre-recorded videos.

A panel discussion at Design Shanghai Forum 2019
A panel discussion at Design Shanghai Forum 2019


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