February 24, 2012

Chef Juan Chipoco has made quite a name for himself and his eatery Cvi.Che 105, located in Downtown Miami. A year after opening its doors, this energetic immigrant turned-entrepreneur has left a stamp on the magic city. Chipoco along with partner Luis Hoyos and a stellar staff will invite VIPS, media and celebrities to join him for a very special event, a full-oncelebration, the three-year anniversary of Cvi.Che 105 and the launch of Pollos y Jarras his new concept. Pollos y Jarras will open right next door to his already established restaurant. The by-invitation only red-carpet (award-show style) soiree will take place February 24, 2012 from 7:00PM-11:00PM with a presentation, ribbon cutting and lots of surprises.

Juan Chipoco has gained a reputation for having somewhat of a “Midas touch”. Just shy of two decades ago this charismatic gentleman arrived to South Florida with a vision and desire to build something. After years working his way in the food industry, building a knowledge base of all the elements needed to run a restaurant, today he has his own. The key to his indisputable success? Before “making it”, Chipoco held every possible kitchen position during his tenure behind the scenes. One can see all that experience, passed on to his staff, via extensive training and mentoring to provide the highest level of service to a rock solid client base that includes: city officials, professionals, celebrities and faithful “foodies” wanting to experience his unique style of authentic Peruvian fare.

Three years after perfecting his first concept, Chipoco decided to launch his next: Pollos y Jarras and the Wasska Lounge. This, his next installment will be a 6000 square foot location, with two levels and a fabulous outdoor lounge, offering more health conscious cuisine infused with genuine Peruvian spices. The name which translates to “chicken and pitchers”  (in Spanish) will accommodate up to 200 guests, serve lunch and dinner with late night dining available on the weekends “a-la Miami”. During the spectacular event  the end of this month, invited guests will get a first look at this great location which, located in the heart of Downtown, will only have one competitor, its sister location.

How does one introduce such a dynamic new project [Pollos y Jarras] and celebrate such success of it’s now three-year old sibling [Cvi.CHe 105]? Well, by closing one full city-block, during one of the most important weekends in Miami and inviting all those who help make this great city one of the most popular destinations on the map. Most importantly, an event such as this must be done in true “Chipoco-style”, paying close attention to detail, presentation and of course organization.

What to expect? The red-carpet event will commence with cocktails and hors de oeuvres and feature non-stop eye-catching production.  Guests will get to be part of one of the largest parties in town and mingle with the most active names in the city. A spectacular collaboration between Emi Guerra/Go Big Productions, Zhantra Entertainment, Tony Guerra/Citrus Miami, Liza Santana/Creativas Group PR and the Chipoco team, the event will be the hot ticket to attend at the end of this month.

Cvi.Che 105 is located at 105 NE 3rd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33132.  Visit

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