Chef G. Garvin's culinary boot camp

TV host and Celebrity Chef G. Garvin has spent the past couple of years developing and crafting a special and unique mentoring programs, entitled Chef G. Garvin’s Culinary Boot Camp.

Chef G will lead youth through a rigorous culinary challenge designed to put the best to the test! The Culinary Boot Camp will consist of a five day, four night mentoring program for youth and at-risk inner city young adults.  Each day’s session will consist of a lecture, chef demonstrations and team hands-on learning experiences all centered in the field of hospitality management. Throughout the Boot Camp, youth will learn techniques for cooking and gather new and innovative tools for successful hospitality management services.

A few examples of what the program will consist of include:1) “Liquids” – making soups, sauces, vinaigrette and stocks2) “Food Safety & Kitchen Cleanliness”3) “Fabrication of Meat” – How to cut down larger pieces of meat
Additionally, each student will be tested on such things as naming three salt water and three fresh water fish (just as an example) and there will be a culminating “graduation” award show.   This exciting initiative focuses on transforming inner city youth into successful corporate and community leaders in the hospitality industry.  Slicing, dicing and learning to prepare meals that are enticing will all be part of the menu, as inner city youth are put on the chopping block to learn to cook in five days. Moreover, inner  city youth and young adults that enlist in Chef G. Garvin’s Culinary Boot Camp will:

– Be empowered to learn about the fine art of cooking and culinary arts and services

– Be empowered to embrace the multiple aspects of the hospitality industry including management services

– Explore new talents and abilities

– Arouse the senses to design and develop palatable delights

– Experience the joys of ownership in creating new and innovative delicacies to inspire healthy living and wholesome development of food for the soul
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