Celebrate with The MIAMI Institute for Age Management & Intervention as they Welcome Dr. Phillip Craft to their Elite Team of Medical Providers

The MIAMI Institute for Age Management & Intervention (www.MIAMI-Institute.com) will host a special evening to welcome acclaimed plastic surgeon, Dr. Phillip Craft, to the dynamic surgical team. To celebrate the newest addition, The MIAMI Institute will open its doors to the luxurious 9,000 square-foot facility – featuring two modern surgical suites furnished with the latest medical technology – for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.  Guests will get an insider’s look at the spectacular facility and meet Miami’s “Dream Team” of anti-aging specialists.

“Dr. Craft brings a new element to our leading-edge medical team,” says Julio F. Gallo, MD FACS, Medical Director of The MIAMI Institute, which is dedicated to halting and reversing the effects of aging through surgical methods, dermatological treatments, regenerative medicine and nutrition in a luxurious spa-like setting.  “His unique surgical skills and outstanding reputation in the industry makes Dr. Craft a most welcome addition to our team of physicians,” says Dr. Gallo.

WHEN:    Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WHERE:    The MIAMI Institute for Age Management & Intervention

Four Seasons Hotel & Tower

1441 Brickell Avenue, 3rd Floor, Sky Lobby

Miami, Florida 33131


The MIAMI Institute for Age Management & Intervention is a medical facility dedicated to minimizing the effects of aging through progressive medicine, advanced technology and treatments proven to help you look and feel younger. Practitioners are committed to maintaining the highest standards of care services in a contemporary and comfortable environment.

The MIAMI Institute for Age Management & Intervention is led by internationally renowned plastic surgeon Julio F. Gallo, MD, FACS, in partnership with Stephen A. Watson, a successful South Florida business entrepreneur. The MIAMI Institute incorporates a highly skilled group of doctors, medical professionals, health education specialists and nutritionists focused on improving the lives of their patients as they age. Patients receive individually tailored services – including cosmetic surgery, aesthetic skin care treatments, cosmetic dentistry services and wellness and regenerative medicine – that help them look and feel their best as they grow older. The spa-like facility located in Downtown Miami’s Four Seasons Hotel Tower includes multiple accredited surgical suites to ensure patient safety and comfort.

Age management services include comprehensive diagnostic testing and age assessment, a baseline of physical, mental and physiologic tests followed by a detailed consultation with an age management physician to make recommendations and set goals for desired outcomes. The programs include evaluation of general health, measurement of biological age, review of health risks and determination of factors that impact the individual aging process. Treatments and services are designed to prevent, manage, reduce and reverse the effects of aging.

The luxurious 9,000 square-foot facility features two modern surgical suites furnished with the latest medical technology designed to meet the highest standards. If patients wish, The MIAMI Institute will make arrangements for their stay at the hotel’s luxury accommodations, providing them with ease and total comfort in their recovery. To learn more about the MIAMI Institute for Age Management & Intervention please visit: http://www.MIAMI-Institue.com or 305.624.0009.

New Cutting-edge Procedures Found at The MIAMI Institute:

Stem-Cell Rejuvenation

The MIAMI Institute offers the new Stem-Cell Rejuvenation technology – a process whereby the hidden genetic potential of adult stem cells is awakened – to enhance face and butt lift procedures. By transplanting carefully harvested autologous fat, they eliminate any potential for an allergic reaction. During the procedure, both the donor and the recipient sites are pre-treated with growth factors. This important step leads to greatly improved “take” of the transplanted fat.

Over the last decade, multiple procedures have been presented for buttock enhancement, most of them stressing the need for implants. Now, with the advent of stem cell technology and a wealth of information about the aging process, a revolutionary new procedure, termed a “Stem Cell Face and Butt Lift”, has joined the roster of cosmetic surgery procedures. The “Stem Cell Butt Lift” is a complete buttock enhancement procedure without involving any surgery.  The procedure restores the youthful contour and shape of the buttock as well as skin tightness.

NeoGraft TM Hair Restoration

The MIAMI Institute introduces the state-of-the-art solution for hair loss and the first minimally invasive FDA approved automated hair transplant system. NeoGraft TM is a revolutionary, patented hair transplant device that automates hair transplant procedures. Down time is minimal as each follicular unit graft is individually extracted from the donor area and is then transplanted to thin or bald areas.

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