Carriere Freres, the luxury candlemaker and perfumer, launches its limited holiday collection for 2020, seeing three new and exclusive scents all blended with the ever-festive Siberian Fir.

Known for their dedication to the highest quality natural ingredients,Carriere Freres’ 2020 holiday collection offers Siberian Fir with Galle Cinnamon, Siberian Fir with Henan Cedar and Siberian Fur with Dadès Rose. With three distinctive facets, the noble pine embarks for new territory, creating truly one-of-a-kind scent profiles.

A warm-hearted marriage, the Siberian Fir and Sri-Lankan Galle Cinnamon compose a spicy perfume lightened up by the sensual nature of the cinnamon. The festive candle points in the direction to the ancient island of Ceylon, where the unique and noble bark has been cultivated for centuries and harvested with care following ancient artisanal know-how. As a result, the essence of the Galle Cinnamon is recognized as the best in the world.

The Siberian Fir and Chinese Henan Cedar compose a woody perfume with a light smoky note. The majestic character of the Chinese cedar further brings leathery notes to the candle. Reminiscent of a traditional Christmas tree, the perfume brings together the nobility of pine needles with the prestigious nature of the coniferous from the Henan Province, the birthplace of ancient Chinese civilization. Known for its unique quality, the Henan Cedar is praised by perfumers and has been cultivated for centuries, respecting timeless savoir-faire.

A unique pairing, the Siberian Fir and Moroccan Dadès Rose compose a woody and floral perfume where pine needles and rose petals come together. Feminine and poetic, the candle reveals the gentle character of the ancient Moroccan rose. Held in high regard by perfumers for its quality, it is grown in the desert valley of Dadès, a superb oasis in the heart of the High-Atlas Mountains.

“With our dedication to providing the best in single scent formulas, we are excited to offer a poetic coupling of Siberian Fir and the finest Chinese Henan Cedar, Galle Cinnamon and Dadès Rose for this holiday season. Inspired by the same exotic and indigenous ingredients that fascinated the botanists and explorers of the 18th century, we hope to convey the language of flowers and nature in these festive scents.” – Julien Pruvost, Creative Director

Available in limited quantities, the 2020 holiday collection candles come in a white container adorned with a golden label and are presented in special boxes covered with the typical Carrière Frères colorful illustrations. Inside them, the resinous perfumes encapsulate festive hints of firewood and spicy delicacies.

Following the highest standards, Carrière Frères constantly innovates to source only the best ingredients, with each element of the mix chosen to minimize the environmental impact without compromising on the product’s aesthetics or sensory attributes. Raw materials are either ethically bought from a cooperative, sustainability programs or organic agricultural practices. For each botanical essence, the process is specific, responsible, sustainable and ethical. The containers also respond to a virtuous and transparent approach: recycled glass, packaging in FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) cardboard, 100% natural alcohol, untreated rattan sticks, cork top, etc.

Carriere Freres also composes its perfumes with the help of the Robertet company, a world leader in the sourcing of natural ingredients: through them, a unique palette of natural elements is available to create original perfumes. Selecting only the utmost quality also means respecting a global sustainability policy.

The 2020 holiday collection will be available online and in select retailers nationwide October 15th. Each piece is priced at $62 and available in the classic size (185g / 6.50z) with a burn time of 40-45 hours.

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