An Artist Rediscovers His Muse + FERNANDO TRUEBA Tribute

Eenie Meenie Miney Moe cast & crew including: Aaron Salgado (producer), Andres Dominguez (actor), Oscar Torres (actor), David Lago (actor), Jokes Yanes (director) with Jaie Laplante (MIFF executive director)Multiple CINEDWNTWN gala screenings last night at Olympia Theater’s Gusman Center for the Performing Arts. Two World Premieres, kicked off the night with Miami native Juan Barros’ short film, “Eleven: Twelve” about a man unwilling to come to terms with a personal tragedy, strays down the wrong path and onto unforeseen and inescapable destinations; followed by the highly anticipated Eeenie Meenie Miney Moe (EM3), by the creative team of MIFF11’s massive hit Magic City Memoirs.  With his feature film debut, director Jokes (aka Jokes Yanes) eerily depicts a portrait of Miami’s mean streets and the hallucinatory dream the Magic City casts on three young men in their 20s as they find their ways.  Following the Q&A, a dozen extravagant tow trucks covering a full block of E. Flagler street sped off into the night.


Amor Crónico:  Andrés Levin (producer) | Jorge Perugorria (director), Cucú Diamantes (singer/actress), Andrés Levin


Second grand feature of the night was Amor Crónico by Jorge Perugorría (Strawberry and Chocolate, Bámbola and Che) where Grammy nominee Cucú Diamantes returns to her homeland in Cuba to perform her songs while becoming the first touring artist from outside the country in over 50 years.  Perugorría mixes live concert footage with an over-the-top fiction smorgasbord to create a love story and a road movie with a flashy musical twist.


Cinco de Mayo: The Battle cast & crew: Paco Gallástegui (producer),  José Carlos Montes (actor), Liz Gallardo (actor),  Rafa Lara (director), Christian Vázquez (actor), Antonio Merlano (actor)


Regal Cinemas South Beach held the WORLD PREMIERE of former Miami resident Rafa Lara’s Cinco de Mayo: The Battle, an epic and emotional history of the Battle of Puebla, immortalized 150 years ago on May 5, 1862, when the small, poorly equipped Mexican army stunned its French occupiers with a decisive victory.


Ron Magill (communications director, Zoo Miami) and fans | Pablo Trapero (director, White Elephant), Martina Gusman (actor, White Elephant)


At Coral Gables Art Cinema, director Pablo Trapero and actress Martina Gusman charmed the crowd at the screening for White Elephant, marking Trapero’s third appearance at MIFF.  Ron Magill, Communications Director/Zoo Goodwill Ambassador, was also in attendance for Q&A at the 20th anniversary screening Frederick Wiseman’s memorable 1993 portrayal of Zoo Miami entitled Zoo.

Solo cast & crew: Javier Paillero (producer), Enrique Bastos (actor), Mariana Urriza (art director), Guillermo Rocomora (director) | Enrique, Mariana and Guillermo | Gonzalo Tobal (director, Villegas)


Danny Diaz (program coordinator, Coral Gables Art Cinema), Allison Schack (attendee), Mahdi Fleifel (director, A World Not Ours), Melissa Schack (attendee) | Helena Maura (editor, Rio 2096: A Story of Love and Fury)

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