A Costume Party With A Cause: Coffee House Gypsies at Ascended Masters Party, Ft. Lauderdale

A Costume Party With A Cause:  Raising some very philosophical questions while having loads of fun”
Miami, FL – November 4, 2009 — This past weekend’s Ascended Masters Costume Party Fundraiser for Medicine Signs Spiritual Center of South Florida was a whopping success.  Promoting and celebrating tolerance, peace, harmony, oneness, and a universal love for all, the event slogan was simple: This is humanity in all of its colors. 
The gathering of people in various costumes raised the question, “If Jesus and Buddha and all the Ascended Masters of all the different religions of the world got together for a party, would they argue and fight?  Or would they find that they had much to discuss? Like peace, forgiveness, acceptance, hope, harmony and love?”  
Medicine Signs Spiritual Center is a Universalist teachings group that honors all spiritual traditions, teachings, and pathways.  In other words, they blur all the lines and unite everyone as one people, regardless of what theism they belong to or what their background, race, or sexual orientation is. Their community goals and concerns include teaching art to disadvantaged children, encouraging ecology and holistic green living, and preventing family violence.
The costume party event was the group’s very first annual fundraiser and they managed to snag some great local musicians and bands to go along with the incredible international cuisine prepared by Karen and Alex Matamoros of Enchanting Creations.  The crowd could not have asked for a better night.
Local singer/songwriter Thom Hurley started the evening off with his smooth blend of Jeff Buckley-like indie rock and ballads.   The Morning Flesh Project band followed up with their fascinating brand of funk-rock-jazz. Closing out the evening was the always excellent Coffee House Gypsies, who had the whole party dancin’, singin’, and rockin’ out till the end of the night.  The live performances were an excellent touch for the dance floor that never stopped moving.
Folk artist Thom Hurley had this to say about the event, “The Ascended Master’s party was quite a cool site to see! Never in my life would I imagine seeing Jesus, Buddha, a Pirate, and Buffalo Calf Woman, all in one room and dancing together. It was quite a surreal and wonderfully put together event!”
The Morning Flesh Project band was quoted saying, “The evening was spectacular!  The costumes, the food, the music, the vibes- everything was brought together flawlessly.  Everyone had a great time in laughter, excitement, and on the dance floor. We can’t wait for next year!”
Activities included a silent auction and costume contests. The best costume prizes were won by Manny Aguilera who came as Lord Ganesh (Hindu god) and Denise Walkingbird who came as White Buffalo Calf Woman (Native American daughter of Great Spirit).  Aileen Moreno and Andres Wendt won for best children’s costumes. 
Party-goer, Maria Ayub commented on the evening saying, “The party went really, really well.  The music was fantastic.  I really enjoyed Coffee House Gypsies as the closing act of the night.”
Someone in the crowd summed it up best when they said, “That Medicine Signs Group sure knows how to throw a party!  Can’t wait until next year.” 
Tom Norris of Medicine Signs said, “We can’t praise the Old Davie Schoolhouse enough as the perfect venue for this type of event.  Thanks to everyone, especially our wonderful team of volunteers, for a great time!”
For more information about The Medicine Signs Center please call:  786-201-2468 or 786-210-2579
For information about the Coffee House Gypsies band please contact:  CHG@CoffeeHouseGypsies.com
For information about Thomas Hurley music please contact:  thom.hurley@gmail.com
For information about The Morning Flesh Project band please contact:  delievforu@aol.com

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