Readers choosing what gets published? Books from amazing authors delivered directly to their doorsteps with themed, reader-friendly goodies? A brand-new subscription service from WayWord Books is upending the traditional publishing model, eliminating the need for agents, distributors, warehouses, and retailers, increasing author profits and visibility, giving readers more control over what gets published, and surprising subscribers with seasonal deliveries including books by talented authors and elegant gift pairings.


The current publishing model is outdated; it’s overly dependent on distributors, risky for the publisher, and unfair to writers – and readers! The WayWord Books model is designed to give readers a say in determining which books get published, pay authors the royalties they deserve, and delight subscribers with a seasonal delivery stuffed with savory books and corresponding gifts. How?


  • Writers submit their manuscripts directly to WayWord Books
  • Readers vote for their favorite submissions
  • WayWord Books designs and prints winning submissions
  • Books are shipped quarterly, directly to subscribers, along with gifts designed tocomplement the reading experience


With sales made prior to production, the WayWord Books process reduces the risk of unsold goods and eliminates the need for distributors and retailers, resulting in 3-4x increase in writer royalties. The WayWord Books model also transfers the decision-making process from a small group of New York editors to readers from all corners of the country, opening the door for undiscovered writers.


Perhaps best of all, booklovers across the country can look forward to quarterly deliveries packed with titles that they helped publish and special gifts designed to enhance the reading experience. Each book – available only to WayWord Books subscribers – features a case binding, offset printing, smyth sewn signatures, and custom end sheets. Boxes also include an author’s note, branded bookmark complementing the book’s cover, and a themed gift perfectly paired with that season’s selection.


With nearly 200,000 self-reported authors and writers in the U.S., American readers enjoying an average of 12 book each year, and nearly a third of U.S. consumers signed up for a subscription, the market is ripe for a model like WayWord Books’. After all, “The book is a party the writer throws for the reader.”


WayWord subscription boxes start at $195 and include four seasonal releases.  Learn more about Wayword Books at www.waywordbooks.com.


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