Vizcaya Café and Shop Partners with Local Miami Jewelry Brand

Local jewelry brand, Moonglow, and the Vizcaya Café and Shop at Miami landmark, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, have partnered to design and create an exclusive piece that is available starting November 27th, on Museum Store Sunday. The limited-edition collection features a necklace with a seahorse design and Moonglow’s signature picture of the moon from a date of your choice.

The Vizcaya Café and Shop exclusive necklace consists of the moon from your special date, set in a seahorse pendant. The inspiration behind the custom piece came from mixing elements that are already a part of Vizcaya. The seahorse is a representation of a weathervane resting above James Deering’s bedroom and combining with the signature Moonglow visual elements of the moon phases, the necklace is designed to capture internal elements of Deering’s room. It is available in a stainless steel and 14K gold plate on an 18” chain with a 10mm moon. 

The collaboration marks an exciting moment for both brands, with Moonglow Co-Founder and Creative Director Aurelie Dudziak stating, “It was really special to be able to design something so meaningful for Vizcaya and the Miami community. This piece is a perfect celebration of the historical venue where many beautiful life moments are being created every year.” 

Visitors can attend a special event on November 27, Museum Store Sunday, where the Vizcaya Café and Shop will be officially introducing the collection in the store from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Museum Store Sunday provides a special shopping experience in museum stores across 24 countries, showcasing a broad assortment of unique gifts, while supporting your local community and culture. 

Speaking to the significance of the partnership on the local community, Cristian Delgado, Giftshop Manager and Buyer at the Vizcaya Café and Shop remarks, “The collaboration with Moonglow magnifies the connection that Vizcaya still has to its community. Conserving local relationships is representative of how many people were involved locally in the construction of the property over 100 years ago.” 

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens


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