Vincent Pastore Talks Opening a New Restaurant, Danielle Staub, and Ashley Dupre

Vincent Pastore ( Sopranos): Famous Foods
By: Judith Wallace

This summer, VH1 is partnering with renowned restaurateurs, Mike Malin and Lonnie Moore, founding members of The Dolce Group. Together they will give seven celebrities the chance to turn one of their West Hollywood, CA properties into a flourishing and fully-operating restaurant. Among those celebrities is Vincent Pastore of “The Sopranos”.

For eight weeks, Vincent and his colorful crew of celebrities will roll up their sleeves and work together to launch their own restaurant, aptly named, “Famous Food.” Over the course of the series, Mike and Lonnie will provide the cast with a variety of tasks that need to be completed in order to get the restaurant off the ground. Every week it will be up to the team to work together and complete their list of tasks, while Mike and Lonnie review their progress. The season will conclude with the grand opening of one lucky restaurateur’s dream restaurant open for business and ready for the public’s review.

Premier Guide Media caught up with Vinny to get the scoop on the behind the scene drama of Famous Food.

“Famous Food” premieres Sunday, JULY 10 at 10pM ET/PT on VH1

Tell us about the show Famous Foods?

Vincent Pastore ( Sopranos): Well it’s about seven different celebrities that are brought together to a restaurant that is closed, and there is nothing in it. We are given a budget of $150,000 and we have 45 days to get it opened and put money in the cash register.

What made you want to do this show?

Vincent Pastore ( Sopranos): Well, I was in the bar and restaurant business in the sixties, seventies and eighties, before I was an actor. I also wanted to go to L.A. where it was shot. And I like reality shows, I have done a few other ones.

Will there be a lot of drama on the show?

Vincent Pastore ( Sopranos): Well when they show trailers of movies or shows they always show the action stuff to grab the attention of the audience. But there is a lot of comedy as well. However it is a reality show, and with seven people in the same environment for an extensive amount of time you will definitely have some tension.

How hard was it to balance working together but yet standing out from the rest of your cast mates?

Vincent Pastore ( Sopranos): It is hard to make decisions with seven people. We had to make decisions everyday on menu, name of restaurant, furniture, colors of the paint basically everything that goes into getting the restaurant open. Later we decided to break things down into different divisions and individually take different responsibilities. But at first it was very hectic.

Who would you describe as the hardest person to work with on the show?

Vincent Pastore ( Sopranos): Danielle Staub

Who was the easiest to work with on the show?

Vincent Pastore ( Sopranos): Juicy Jay

(L-R) The celebrity contestants of "Famous Food" Jake Pavelka, Ashley Dupre, Vincent Pastore, Danielle Staub, DJ Paul, Juicy "J" and Heidi Montag arrive at the grand opening of Lemon Basket restaurant on May 11, 2011 in West Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage) What is one of the most surprising thing you learned about any of your cast mates?

Vincent Pastore ( Sopranos): Well I wasn’t familiar with the music of 3-6 Mafia and I became friendly with both Juicy Jay and DJ Paul. I also started to appreciate their music– these guys got an Academy Award. Ashley Dupree she became like my little niece and we are pretty close as well. And I became pretty close with Jake Pavelka– I became like his uncle also. I have made some new friends on the show.

Did you make any friends on the show……..

Vincent Pastore ( Sopranos): Ashley Dupree and I are currently doing a lot of work together. We are looking to do some things together, maybe another reality show, definitely some radio show and personal appearances as well. So Ashley and I connected. I also like Heidi Montag, she is out in L.A as well. Juicy Jay and I are talking about possibly doing a movie together.

What do you think of the reality show Mob Wives?

Vincent Pastore ( Sopranos): I don’t watch it.

You made an appearance on the Shark Tank recently, how is that business venture coming along?

Vincent Pastore ( Sopranos): Well the guy who I was on camera with did not take the deal from Barbera. So that did not go anywhere, I only endorsed the product but I am not really a partner.

What is the most memorable experience you walked away with from the Show?

Vincent Pastore ( Sopranos): The friendships that I have developed with all of the cast members including Danielle. I don’t want to give away too much but in the end you will see some great friendships developed.

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